Thursday, January 10, 2008


Kristel Dayao

Kristel Dayao is my crush, she is one of glamorous woman ive seen. She is a graduate of BCC. And i found her beautifull yet she has so many suitors and boyfriends. In class standing she is an average. She is a shy type person and sometimes she posses an improper shyness which i hated.
One day in school, we dont have a class for one period. It is almost 1 hour and 30 minutes. So my friends and classmates decide to go to benjes. Benjes is a hang out place of students. You can play there a billiard and it has also a vedioke where in you can sing, all you need is to insert a coin in exchange of one song. So i sang as well as my clasmates the other are playing billiards. Everybody enjoy
"kuya athan", kristel dayao called my name. So i asked her,why? "will you please go with me,bring me outside from here. I want to go home." she asked a favor for me. And i told her "sorry! I have to sing first."that time its my turn to sing. "Please,kuya!"kristel beg. So i go with her outside at benjes, when someone ask me if who i am. I saw a man riding a scooter and if im not wrong he is the boyfriend of kristel. I notice the face of the man turn into a bad mood when he saw me. "who is he ?" asked the man to kristel. "He is my friend "kristel answered. I cant imagine they were confronting infront of me. I was shocked that time ,i cant believe i was in between the fight of lovers quarrel. Supposedly im just accompanying kristel to go outside because she beg it for me. And now i cant believe the scenario. They are fighting because of me. That man felt a jelous towards me.but he didnt even know the real story yet he is judging base on what she saw..... I go back to benjes and leave the two of them.
The next day "kristel apologized for what happened, and i answered. "NEXT TIME TOLD YOUR BOYFRIEND NOT TO DOUBT ME OR TO ANY BOYS WHO ARE WITH YOU WHILE WALKING !" I answered.

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