Wednesday, January 23, 2008


For the month of DECEMBER. I received a small amount of salary for working in the UNIVERSITY OF RIZAL SYSTEM,unconsciously ive just started as a working student and now im recieving my earning, my own earning,that helps me lot for my studies ,why helps me a lot?

That was semestral break when i found out difficulties to look for money for my studies of coming second semester enrollment. My biological mother didnt even gave me money for my tuition fee. Even if she had excessive money during that time. I know that she really dont want of to study because according to her its an additional to thier expenses. That was only her reason because i know that i had my badget for my schools and that was given by my stepfather...who also pursue to finish my study. He is the one who help of to subsidies my study. In be half of he was only my stepfather unlike to my biological mother....which is against my study yet i am her son also hence in the other man.

That time i really wanted to be enrolled on time. So i look for money. One way is to borrow money to my auntie....PATERNA BENOSA,who worked in caloocan,right now. I call her up in the telephone and told her how i felt that time, i cried over her,and asked her if why is that my mother threat me this way. The world hate me, nobody love me at all, i felt like i am the only one who stay in this world.

I dont have money for my tuition fee. I borrowed for 1500 pesos and
my auntie is willing to helped me yet i know she also suffer from money scarsity because she had also offspring and family that needs also her responsibiliy. She send me money through money transfer in my atm yet she need also to send mothly to her daughter and son in the province of BOHOL but she help me. So i was able to enrolled without the knowledge of my stupid biological mother.
I need to pay for the money i borrowed.
One day in the SCHOOL, i read the post that states that the URSB needs a student assistant. I submitted on the spot my portfolio, i really need to earn money in a right way thats why i am really hungry for it for me to able to pay my credit. I just grabbed the oppurtunity without looking the effects of studying and working simultaneously. The only thing in my mind was i really need to earn money not just only to pay for my credits but it also helps me for my expenses of my study! I knew that my stupid mother will not give me when time i need money,i need to cry first infront her and beg in exchangè for money and i found out very difficult and felt like im drowning! I know my stepfather had a badget for my study but my real mother didnt give it to me!
When i recieved the small amount as my salary, i am really proud of my self. I knew this was not only a simple amount of salary! It stand as my own fulfillment and proof that i can stand it on my own unlike to thoose spoiled brats! Even it is a sign of suffering of mine, instead of focusing my study,is i need to work to support my studies which is supposedly my mother responsibility and my huge role is to study hard and not to work!
Any way i just look to the brighter side, that maybe i suffer this because there is a certain good reason for this and GOD give me this for me to be strong! And it might be the start of something new!