Thursday, January 31, 2008

Teachability: To keep leading, To keep learning.

( This was my essay during my quiz, it was on the spot writting in ENGLISH 2 LITERETURE my instructress was Mrs. Dacumos and i got 9 over 10)

Teachability: To keep leading, To keep learning.

Value your listening and reading time at roughly ten times your talking time, this will assure that you are a course of continous learning and self improvement.

In reading skills will serve you as the source of inner deepest knowledge. Im reality of business world. There's should be a skill of reading to perform any business transaction. In the outside world, as well as in the cities,you should posses this skills of reading for you to avoid ignorance.

In listening skills, we listen even if w/ov knowledge on what we heared about. This skill is very voluntary. We dont impose ourselves to listen but it is always there. The real essense of listening is, you have to listen and you have to understand what you heared, thats the real skills about. You have to lend your whole configuration not the ears itself.

In talking skill, you can express what's your inside feeling yet it is one of our daily routine is talk. Why we minimize talking? Because there's a saying that the silent pale is full. Meaning to say noisy individual generally they are brainless. For as long as the porpuse of being talkative is for good, then go on! Like boy abunda did.