Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Start of Year 2010 with the Grade of Flat 1

While writing this Blog , I’m a bit drunk and dizzy because of the Victory Celebration
(blog unedited and not yet proof read)

January 5, 2010 is the start of class for the year in University of Rizal System Binangonan Campus. Every URSBian are excited for the first day of the class from a long vacation. Including the Economics student are very excited, it’s not because of the first day of the class but because it’s the day that we are going to defense the title for our thesis. The two weeks of vacation became a productive days because we keep doing research for the background of the study.

Moreover, I woke up 11:00 am and preparing to go to school. I leave the house at exactly 12:00Am. When I arrived at the school, I took first my lunch at the campus canteen. “This gonna be the best thing day” I said it to my self. I have to be optimistic and think positively because it’s the day for the title defense

Vinna Villalus, Geronimo Pasay, Erwin Calibo, and I are the group mates for the thesis. Our proposal title is “Logistic Management as relates to supply chain efficiency”. The first step at the entrance of the conference hall is a challenge to the four of us. It was like a horrifying movie that made you scared. Before I went inside I did a sign of cross as a lucky charm. We really pray that we can do the challenge, because we knew that the panels are strict in giving grades. When the discussion started, I am the one begin the said event. Various questions were asked to the group. Later on they discuss it discreetly about the topic. The panels are Mr. Aldrin Boca. Mr. Eusebio Oliva and Mrs. Fernandez. After they discussed gave the prospect Company and the revised title was “Logistic Managements of San Miguel beer Corp. in San Miguel Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City Calendar year 2010”. And luckily they gave us the Grade of Flat one.

The other group is composed of Heather Balmas, Iomerta Dalama, Felyx Esperitu, Leeboy Aringo. And they also got flat one with their title.

Right after the defense, we went to Kamatsili drive to celebrate for the Victory. We drink a lot. “A lucky start of the year and I hope it will continue to the entire year”

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