Monday, January 25, 2010

Executive Optical: Changing the Hue of My eyes

we have to be careful in our eyes

before after

Every Filipinos wish to have a brown, green or blue eyes. I don’t know the reason why that every individuals wanted to change or improve their current physical attributes. Perhaps human in nature doesn’t have satisfaction;. That’s the reason why we have this theory of innovation to support the law that stared there’s no constant except the word change. Changes in every aspects of life. Changing from what we had to own another one.

Moreover, these changes also applied in our physical attributes. One of the Filipinos distinctive characteristic is the eye color. We have these black eyes but we try to put an innovation, we have this contact lens

Various colors are available in the market to choose what fits on your skin tone or what color you are comfortable with. Contact lens is an eye accession or accessories that can help to improve the color of your eyes. it can also be an avenue to have a clearer vision of eyes because it offers also as an alternatives for eyeglasses

Meanwhile, talking this thingy, I also bought my contact lens in executive optical in SM mega mall. Men of nowadays are meticulous and I admit I m one of that kind of person. It doesn’t mean that when you are meticulous or concern your personal and physical then you are social climber. Being meticulous has nothing to do with being a social climber. So I bought peppermint color of contact lens. Its disposable and can only use until 3 months. I bought it because I just want to put some improvement on what I’ve currently acquired.

Therefore, contact lens is only a reminder that we need to take care our eyes because in absence of contact lens we can’t even remember to spend a short range of time in cleaning our eyes. Contact lens helps our consciousness remind that we have to be careful in our eyes

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