Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Made the Principal of Bilibiran Elementary School Dance

Early in the morning, I received a call from the mother of my ballroom partner Lauren Balanay that we are invited to dance in the 60th birthday party of the principal of Bilibiran Elementary School. Supposedly I will not accept the invitation my entire day was allocated for my study and my thesis / research. I need to attend my class at exactly 8 am to 7:30 pm and we need to dance right after the class. That time we are not prepared for the dance routine because it’s been two months when we dance for the audition in Pilipinas Got Talent. We almost forgot the routine.
After the class, I proceed to Lauren’s house, we did an urgent dry run for the routine and right away we went to the party. The venue was in the ABRC resort in Tagpos, Binangonan ,Rizal. I’m so tired that time because of the entire day of stress in the school. But we realized that’s an opportunity to perform in front of different principals of different school who attends on that party and the faculties as well.

The party started at exactly 7:00pm and we arrived at 9:30pm because we need to practice first the routine, we need to eat dinner, we need to prepare ourselves. In short we are late. When we arrived at the party we performed right away because we need to go home early because tomorrow we need to perform in URS Angono Intramurals 2010 opening as a guest.

We are shock toward the flooring because that was very slippery. We cannot dance with sharp execution because we are afraid. We just consider it as a practice in preparation for tomorrow’s performance in URS angono. Overall we did our best.

After we dance, we ate and took time to rest. Suddenly they requested us to dance again. We dance an impromptu routine.

We stay until 12mm. I dance the celebrant maam Yolly. We dance a swing routine. Her faculties told me that their principal never dance but I ma the only one made mam Yolly to dance. It’s a huge prestige to me,.

Happy birthday madam Yolly