Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting Daring with My Two Nipple Rings

This month, I m getting ready for my next piercing. Its Apadravya piercing. I hope I can blog it..

My right nipple ring was my first extremely dangerous piercing so far... I was pierced by a professional piercer at the tattoo shop of sta. Lucia grand east mall in Cainta. Actually I am not new in this kind of art. I had also a tounge ring, ear rings, Indian nose ring,navel ring and lower lip ring. I removed it when I started to go for Bs degree in college. But you cannot separate that art towards my interest. It will come back unconsciously

Why not to try such piercing that is not visible in the campus. So I tried the nipple ring. That was 2 months ago October 15, 2009, that I experienced extreme piercing. It was painful when the needle started to penetrate yet after the session and you will see the result, its unexplainable feelings. I spend php900 for the service and surgical steel ring.

I am not satisfied of my right nipple ring so I decided to have for my left one

A week after, that was fiesta at the town proper of Binangonan and there was a bazaar. I notice a tattoo shop, I asked the piercer to pierce my left one. His name is Mars. I only spend php 100 for my left nipple ring including the service fee.

The next day, I went back to Mars for my nose bridge ring, I grabbed the opportunity of affordable piercing in the bazaar. it was also clean and harmless shop.
It takes 2 months to heal completely the wounds. And you can able to change another ring, as of now it’s like a part of my body. It didn’t hurt me at all even during taking a bath.

This month, I m getting ready for my next piercing. Its aplavya piercing. I hope I can blog it..

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