Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Story Behind My New Year Celebration

Being optimistic despite of the worst predicament is a must especially this new year

31st of December, 10:00am, a gave penny to my half sister Ruffa Florida so that she can go for shopping to buy certain ingredients for the preparation of new year . I told her to buy fruits and the rest she will be the one to allocate the resources. I decided not to go with her for shopping because her live in partner was also there. I really hate her live in partner do much (more blog entries for more stories). That’s the reason why, I let her to shop together with her boyfriend.

When they got home, I wondered why they only had this one kilo of pork, pork chopped and for menudo. They bought 2 pcs. Of apple, 2 pcs of Ponkan, one kilo of malagkit, ingredients for lumpia ,menudo and biko. Those were only the items they bought for New Year. At that time my angriness was about to explode, yet I still controlled it knowing that I am not in the right position to ask because she is the real daughter and I am only a step son. I don’t want to question why they only bought numerable items yet I gave her enough money. It was very questionable and it shows on the item. All she told me was the prices of commodities increases but I knew deep within she made me fool.

I rather choose to leave the house and go the internet shop and rent PC for pastime. It’s better to leave so that I can avoid quarrel during New Year eve. I talked to my friends about my sentiments on line.

I went back home at 7:00 pm for dinner and right after I will go to my friend’s house to celebrate New Year. But fortunately, when I got home, the only person inside was my biological mother. I asked her” where are they?” They leave a while ago. She told me that Ruffa and her live-in partner are well-dressed and leave without permission.

I got mad, we are the family and supposedly Ruffa must be in here. I remembered perhaps if I’m not mistake they will celebrate the New Year at her in laws. And maybe that’s the reason why they only bought numerable items for the New Year because if I am not wrong, they allocate it for her boyfriend’s family. They didn’t even buy bread for her real family unlike Christmas despite of scarcity yet bread was presents that time .Perhaps she is the one who spend for their in-laws.

I am about to cry because they made me stupid. So I went out and talked to my neighbors, what will I’ m going to do? They advice me not to care about Ruffa because she rather choose her in-laws while her mother is crying and the worst thing she made me fool

Yeah, right! Why do I get affected from what happened. Why should I waste this annual event for the situation.. So I started to set up the sound system outside the house and the neighborhoods were very supportive. We get together and joined for a small party and totally my new year was happy. We contributed money and foods. We brought vodka and in the short time of happiness I almost forgot my sentiments in life.

Being optimistic despite of the worst predicament is a must especially this new year

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