Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reaction towards Plato

“A moral person is happy person” This line penetrate my inner soul and simultaneously disturb my mind. It really change my mentality.

The theory of forms also underlies Plato’s most tough and best known work, The Republic, in a search to understand the nature and value of justice, Plato offers a vision to me. In the republic, the ideal citizen is one who understands how best they can use their talents to the benefit of the whole of society, and bends unerringly to that task. Wow! How tough! Its really me, that’s the reason why I’m still part of Damdam Kalilimodan. As well as the other members, why they still a part of damdam kalilimodan. There is little thought of personal freedom or individual rights in Plato’s Republic, for everything is tightly controlled by the master for the good of the state as a whole.

Plato thinks there must be one ideal way to organize society, of which all actual societies are mere in perfect copies, since, they do not promote the good of all.

In relations Plato’s contribution to current events. Those are corrupt politician that causes the Philippines drowning. Are they considered as a moral person, are they happy on what they did? Corruption is the premiere reason why our country suffers until right now of poverty. Supposedly we are lucky of our resources because we are wealth. But why can’t still felt it now. Think about it the fundamental thought of Plato, that when we are going to apply it, everything follows. “A moral person is happy person.”