Monday, September 21, 2009


1. If they look emo, they sound emo, but when you ask them, they say they’re not emo. Then they’re emo.

2. He’d say he’s happy when people are around, but once he’s alone he goes, “Huhuhu…people think I’m happy..but I’m NOT.”

3. All black, head to toe, pati kuko, with matching blade necklace.

4. Emo people are cutters.

5. They cover their faces with their weird hair.

6. When your geography teacher asks: “Where is the coldest place on earth?” And you answer: “In my heart.”

7. After writing your diary, you mutter: “Only my diary understands…”

8. You text them: “Wer na u?” At ang kanyang sagot: “Hindi ko mawari kung saan. Pakiramdam ko’y nasa gitna ako ng bangung0t at deluby0.”

9. When you stick your hand in a jar full of gumballa and cry because there are so many pretty colors.

10. If he secretly writes a lot of poetry and uses the terms “sadness”, “darkness”, “loneliness”, and “sorrow” frequently in his poems.

11. If you ask them: “Who are you?” They answer: “Nobody.”

12. The skinny jeans and hooded sweat shirt.

13. Pag tinanong siya ng saleslady: “Ano pong hanap nila?” Ang sagot niya: “Konting pagmamahal at pag-unawa.”

14. Emo: Everybody hates me
15. Lahat ng emo may UTI, dahil sa sikip ng pantalon nila, di sila maka-ihi ng maayos.

16. When you text them: “Musta na?” Sagot nila: “Eto, umaasa pa rin na balang araw ay masusuklian ang walang maliw kong pagmamahal sa kanya.”

17. They are always in either 2 states: depressed and asleep.

18. Deny ng deny na emo, pero ang da-drama naman! Daming baggage!

19. You watch a sad movie at home, look out the window as a tear falls down your face, then you go: “I am empty.”

20. Sa group pic, lahat naka-smile, ikaw lagi yung naka-simangot sa sulok.

21. They say stuff like: “I’m happy for you…even if I’m not part of that happiness.”

22. In a word: Guyliner.

23. A straight guy friend kissed another guy. When we asked why, he said: “Nanlilimos ako ng pag-ibig, siya lang ang nagbigay.”

24. You look like a cross between an anime character and taong grasa, and you hang out in the Ice Skating rink in SM Megamall.

25. Pag tinanong sila ng waiter: “Coke or iced tea?” Ang kanilang sagot: “Anything that will drown all the miseries that the universe has dumped on me.”

26. Glenskie – Something allegedly written in a girl’s restroom in a dorm: “Sa laki ng URSB, hindi ko mahanap ang sarili ko.”

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