Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reaction towards Robert Malthus

“Evil Exist in the world not to create despair but activity “.

This was the famous line that penetrates me a lot. Malthus theodicy answers that evil energizes mankind in the struggle for good.” Had population and food increased in same ratio, it is probable that man might never have emerged from the swage state”. It provided the way of constructive diligence. Well, it’s part of the principle of Malthus when it comes to religion. But it doest concern anyway to the economic. Ok! Let’s focus to his contributions. After reading his biography it doesn’t stimulate my interest. What I like him is his theory of population. He was on advocate of population theory. My God! If you can’t relate this theory I think your such a moron. Look at the scenario existed fight now in the Philippines. We are over populated knowing that the more increase of number of nationality, the move quality of life decreases. I can’t explain in written but my god. The scarcity resources in the Philippines plus the need of the overpopulated person’s. How are you going to allocate it with equal distribution? I’m sorry, as an economics student, I’m very supportive the advocacy of Malthus. I read blog bout Malthus that must destruction wars, and calamities that cause rigid mortality is better to help the country gain wealth. I’m sorry I’m just carried away! Look like his example. The budget of the gait into the education is still cruel, what cause to that came from the major population that suffer the low quality of the life. Because of improve to child policy.

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