Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Economist that influenced me The Most

The very fact that every country suffer from scarcity of food supply and different resources. And part pf the principle of the economies is the right allocation of the scarce resources. Upon reading the life and words of Malthus. Therefore I was influenced by Thomas Robert Malthus. I have lots of references; I used to read, the blogs, the thesis of Mrs. Gabriel. I was able to realize how determinate factor of economic circulation is the population. We knew that population is determined in law of supply and demand in economics, but let’s take a look beyond the aggregate side.

Try to analyze: Why our Government allocates a major part of the budget in to constructing building for education annually? Is it possible that they just cater the need of the student? Why our student’s quantity continuously increases? It is the growth of population responsible?

In contrary some of my classmates contradicted my principles, that much better if the population of the country is large. What matter most is the manpower of the country? But my question is, Is the manpower valuable when even a professional one, can look for an employment? Are you going to allow that our Filipino men are stagnant and unemployed? Why don’t we consider the quality of life we experience fight now? Let’s consider the equilibrium of the ratio of the supply of scarce resources to the number of population.

No wonder Malthus said that the best way to decrease population and increase mortality is mass destruction, natural calamity, wars and etc. I read on one of the blog in internet about Malthus way on how to achieve high rate of mortality.

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