Monday, February 22, 2010

A letter From HELL : a video that made cry !!

This video is very dramatic and it really penetrates my inner soul

Hey dude,

I bought the farm today.

It’s a lot different than I expected. Ya’ see, I always thought that dyin’ would bring me to a world that’s foggy and hazy; but this place is crystal clear. It’s even more real than my life on earth – I can think, I can talk, I can even feel!

Right after I went down hard, I could feel my spirit leavin’ my body. It’s the weirdest thing, man. I thought I heard you screaming out to me, man, but I must have been imagining things.

At first, I was jus’ standin’ in line – gettin’ registered, I guess. They began by askin’ me my name, and then they looked into this thing called the Lamb’s Book of Life. I √ęspose they couldn’t find it, though, ’cause this huge angel next to me grabbed me by the arm and started draggin’ me away!

Gotta admit, I was terrified! I had no idea what was going on. I asked the angel where he was taking me, but he didn’t answer. I asked him again. Finally, he told me that only those whose names were written in the Book of Life could enter heaven, and the rest would be condemned to hell forever. Whoa, I was scared!!!

The angel threw me into some kind of holding cell where I’ve been sittin’ and thinkin’ for a long, long time. Do you want to know what I’ve been thinkin’ about? I’ve been thinking about you!!!

Dude, you’re a Christian; you told me so yourself. I mean, we talked about it three different times jus’ today: Skeeter brought it up and you laughed it off; then Mac brought it up, and you changed the subject; I mean, it came up right before I got smacked.

Well, the question I can’t get out of my mind is this, man: “Why haven’t you ever told me about how to become a Christian?” I mean, you say to me that I’m your bro; but if you really were, you would have told me about……………………………..Jesus! You could have told me how to escape the terrible place I’m headed for!

I can feel my heart poundin’ in my chest! The angels that have been chosen to cast me into hell are comin’ down the hallway – I can hear their footsteps!!! I’ve heard of this hell, man; they call it the lake of fire! I can’t stand it!!! I’m terrified!!!

No!!! The angels are at the door! Oh no, no, they’re coming in, and they’re pointing at me! They’re grabbin’ me and carryin’ me out of the room! I can already smell the burning sulfur and brimstone! I can see the edge of the cliff where hell burns!

This is it!!! I am without hope!!! We’re coming closer……….closer……..closer!!! My heart is bursting with fear!!! They’re holding me over the flames!!! I’m damned forever!!! This is it!!! They’ve thrown me in!!! Fire!!! Pain!!! Hell!!!

Why, dude; why didn’t you ever tell me about Jesus?!?!?!

Your bro,


P.S. Wish you were here.

“Don’t bother me with souls to save, I have my own agenda; there’s ridin’ to do, bikes to show, important stuff to attend to.

Don’t bother me with my bro at work, he’s got his own religion; I don’t have time to change his mind, he’ll make his own decision.

Don’t bother me with that ol’ lady, the one standin’ in the street; she’s much too occupied to understand the Savior she could meet.

Don’t bother me with the sounds I hear, the souls of people shrieking; although I wonder who they are, who are these victims screaming?

Don’t bother me with who they are, I really don’t want the blame; ’cause it’s my bro at work and that ol’ lady who (from hell) scream out my name.


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