Friday, February 26, 2010

Law of Partnership and Corporation: I got failing Grade!

Huh!! today i am very disappointed with my LAW midterm exam result. I got only 49 points out of 20 items, each item is 5points because it is an essay type of exam. I knew in my self i have a breach on my side!! but it just happened during that LAW examination we also have another 5 examinations during that day. Starting 8 am up to 7 pm continuously. And i admit i didn't prioritized the Law subject because most of my exam that time is my Major subjects. All are computations( statistics, math economics, managerial economics and more) so i need to study first those subjects....

LAW exam was conducted 6pm to 7:30 pm that was tough situation beacuse we are tired for the entire day but i need to do it........actually in Economics Group 99 percent means , its not only me suffered from stress that time. I really felt regretted because i knew in my self that i can do that thingy!!

huH i am totally disappointed and its hard to move on....... because ... HUH , the passing score is 50 points and i only got 49 points.

the worst thing is when you got 50 points above, you are already exempted for the incoming final exam..
and i was not able to reach that goal... supposedly this incoming final term my burden will be lessen... but in contrary...... i need to take the final Exam..

I am worried because i am pressured to prove myself because my classmates in LAW are Accountancy students, As an Economics student its a challenge to me... huh i m ashamed of myself, perhaps Accountancy think that Economics are slow learner... MY GOSH!!

Maybe, I need to study more...... but when the examinations happened simultaneously, i don't know how to handle those predicaments........ perhaps i need to accept that," this is a life of a student."....... HUH

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