Friday, February 19, 2010

Damdam Kalilimodan Art Guild Performed during College in Business and Commerce Day

As A vice president for performing art department of DAMDAM KALILIMODAN art guild. I am assigned to configure a street dance for CBC day. Performing art dept. which is my dept. is responsible for any performing presentation in University of Rizal System Binangonan . Aside from streetdance, we need to show case also a presentation that’s why I choose this folk dance tinikling to be performed. Supposedly my idea was a hip hop tinikling , but we are running out of time to practice because I had a thesis to prioritized . Other reason was most of my dancers are also busy with their academic organizations because each organization should also prepare a street dance for the competition. S I have to do something about it, a short time of practice and a less number of dancers. That’s why folk dance tinikling is my choice instead the hip hop tinikling and for the streetdance is the cha cha slide.


Meanwhile, the visual art department is busy with our DK booth.
DK both is a painting exhibit, that was organized by the DK president Earl Anore because the vice president of visual department lovely dain Castillo is also busy for her academic org. the management team. Visual art department organized a competition for painting, drawing and sketching. The theme was VALENTINES. Innumerable entries are displayed in the booth. That was judged by the three judges. First Prize will receive 400php. The 2nd prize 300php , the 3rd prize 200php. Eal anore the president invites also a guest on that exhibit. Two councilors, actually they were the sponsored on that exhibit if im not wrong ( I am not aware in the visual art)

Moreover. The 3rd department of damdam kalilimodan w/c is the theatre artwill going to have a major play in AVR to day ( I didn’t able to attend because I need to focus on my department besides its not my genre )

Overall , the damdam kalilimodan present was highly active that time

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