Monday, February 15, 2010

Dept. Of Health markets condoms during Valentines, CBCP Against this Campaign

Sa bisperas pa rin ng araw ng mga puso, mas pinaigting pa ng Department of Health ang kampanya nito laban sa pagkalat ng sexually-transmitted disease kabilang na ang HIV-AIDS. Itoy sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng mga condom at safe sex educational materials sa mga namimili ng bulaklak sa Dangwa, Maynila.

But this campaign was limited only for those who are not short sighted because this advocacy was very alarming in the side of CBCP. According to the CBCP marketing condom is immoral because it has something to do with giving the young people a motivation to engage into premarital sex intsead of teaching morality. In that sense they are an advocate of Abstinence thingy. But the DOH answered, they are just doing there responsibility on giving the awareness to the community on how to avoid such HIV/AIDS and one way is marketing condom.They added that they are not just marketing condom but as well as education towards this issue.they just did there part on controlling this rapid growth number of HIV positive in the Philippines.

My perception towards this issue is this:

America now a days are busy on prosperity issue but still Philipines are still stagnant and trapped in this issue. What im tying to say is lets move on... DOH and CBCP are doing thier parts very well. Both parties did their responsibilities for the seek of the FILIPINOS. In health issue DOH exist and in morality issue CBCP is present. LETS respect the philosophy of the two sides. i believe that we can adopt and apply the CBCP and DOH advocacy simultanously. I don't Know HOw but BY Doing anything in accordance of custom or in natural law walang imposeble . pwede namang labanan ang pagkalat ng AIDS na walang bangayan diba!! pano pa uunlad ang bansa kung bawat isa ay nagbabangayan. Is there morality in this scenario ang magbangayan. Napakababaw pag samahin ang issue ng condom at morality. Mag usap nalang ang CBCP at DOH about this predicament. Nakakainis lang kasi na panourin sa UMAGANG kay GANDA ang ganyang usapin.

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