Friday, February 19, 2010

University of Rizal System Binangonan : CBC street dance review

In celebration of URSB’s college of business and commerce day, aside from the visit of Miss. Gladys Reyes as a speaker, the most awaited part of that event is the street dance competition.

Here are my reviews:

Freshmen Bachelor of Science in business administration:

That was intensifying hip hop routine from the first year. They wore white shirt and blue jeans. Their routine was strong because the girls move was like a boys move. Even if that was not the right genre for street dance yet the first year level proved that they can fight.

Marketing Group:

That was great performance. They did a breathtaking stunt that made the judges horrified. The dangerous act made the audience scared. The lifting is very sharp, their dress are very fashionable. They really put an effort towards their costumes and make ups and it reflects on the materials they used. There make up made them animalistic. But the whole production is meaningless yet technically they danced very well.

Management Group:

Another Hip hop routine was performed by the managing team. The blue color theme made visually cool accent. Their music was great. Various music were mix to configure the whole one. The transition from one music to another one is very smooth.

Economics Group

Economics major have only 28 students for this school year including the 3rd year and 4rth year. All of them are required to participate because of less number. Even if you cant dance well you are obliged to join or else the president of economics will not signed their clearance. How tough!!

By the way you had a nice outfit. It reflects under the heat of the sun. But the dance it self is not competitive yet they just enjoy it

BS office administration team

That was excellent performance. They really hit the right genre of street dancing. There music is very festive. They had innumerable formations and blockings. They put an effort towards their bee’s theme costumes and props. No wander, they won the 2nd place. Congrats to you guys!!

BS accountancy

Their routine was a jazz inspired, nice costume and the dancers are all flexible to execute such tumbling and more. But their tracks hinds their performance .the tracks stops in the middle of the performance. The track affects the momentum of the performers because music really plays a huge role in performance. It spices up the production.

The routine was already performed last year even the choreography and music are still the same. And we cannot avoid comparing it between the last one and current performance which is better

Banking and finance team:

That was meaning full routine. They used to wear a color coded shirts that represent the colors of the various candidates for the Philippines election. They also adopt the concept of the CEBU inmates. Yet their music also hinds the performance. in the middle of the fight. But still they won the first place. Nest time bring a back up tracks

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