Wednesday, January 30, 2008



As a suitor,you have to posses pogi points to your love one. For you to get easier the hands of your love one.

For thoose are lover, there is only one thing they wanted and thats made them happy and to build a strong relationship. For me... Giving a valuable things to your love one , is a one huge thing for them. It doesnt matter if it is expensive or cheap.. The important is ,it is given by you with all of your heart

Mostly ,the things that are popular and familiar,to be given to your love one that able them to remember you ,one of this is teddy bear and puppy. It is quite good for a remembrance. If you choose gift.. Then what is your choice. Is the giving of one hue mentioned is better or for worst affects on your relationship ?

Teddy bear is one of the familiar gifts in teenagers as well as in adults. Then why ? For me it is better to give a teddy bear. Because aside from it is easier to buy in malls because of availability not only t the malls yet in the side walks vendors ,it is elegant to be given. You had a choice t choose he what is the right size you've wanted to buy with. If what is your ideal color or if it is huggable enough. In teddy bear,your loves remembered you because it was always at her/his side,at her/his company when sleeping and hugged during bed time. Yet when time comes. The teddy bear is easy to abandon. This could be considered only as a toy. I guest,like love, this could happened also,its easy to abandondon and easy to forget and set aside

Puppy is popular for thoose realationship that a kind of hopeless romantic relationship. This will serve them as a tools to bond each other. Because they treat the puppy as thier own son,they will going to take it care,bath,eat and show also love maybe because of the direct and live interaction of the puppy.There is a certain responsibility in taking cares of dogs because the health of the dogs depends also on how the way of taking care of it.Minsan may nakita akong magboyfriend sa plaza na daladala yung alagang tuta! It prooves that the puppy motivate the lovers to become a responsive parents.Someday somehow! Yet there are also disadvantages of the puppy.Aside from the difficulties to find pets because of availability. What if the puppy will die? Let us figure out the scenario! How the ache is there! It can also be happen to the feelings to the lovers. Dead love?