Tuesday, January 22, 2008


When we heard about shoes, one thing will come-out in our mind. It has something to do with fashionable nike, adidas, converse,and so on that can only be found exclusively in expensive botique. Some girls that grown up in a "thrown away society". They love thoose shoes and sandals that are made from branded name such as gucci and thoose shoes made from italy. Who are not familiar with EMELDA MARCOS, the first lady of FERDINAND MARCO who has an obssesion towards of shoes collecting. She had a room for her shoes. How glamorous and elegant right? What about tambunting! Thoose expensive shoes of her, is more quitly more expensive than her jewelries.

All of us had a desired to have a shoes. A branded shoes. Even me, i admit ,i want to have also shoes that are expensive to satisfy my vanity! Eversince in my schoolday in Elementary. I didnt have a branded shoes. Until when i was in high schools Manang TERNA,my auntie give me a gift. It was an original branded shoes, its from America that shoes is from her friend who is a balikbayan and she buy that shoes and give it to me. During that time i was very happy and i am thankful at least in my whole life ive experience to wear an original one! I treasured it!

Now at my age,at my college life. I only had a three pair shoes, one for my P.E. Class, that is the white rubber shoes with pink stripe. It was given by my biological mother, because she didnt even buy me a rubber shoes. The other one is my black leather shoes which i used everyday as a school uniform.That was given also from my biological mother. That cos 190 pesos. And the last one is my combat shoes, that is for my ROTC class(army training class). I borrowed it from my friend Jorem. I was not able to buy combat shoes because of financial problem. Thoose are my three pairs of shoes as of now! And im proud for it.

A million steps everyday with my shoes. My sacrifices everyday witnessed by my shoes. And someday, somehow when i am successful one. I always looked back and remembered the help of my shoes, for stepping up all handrances of my life.