Thursday, January 10, 2008

WHO REALLY AM I????? !!!!!!!

I am JONATHAN DELA PIEDRA ORBUDA, a quite some 20 yrs. old and

i am a person with regretion of my past and i wanted to changed those failure of my past just to satisfied my feelings right now!

I am an illigitimate child, grown up with lack of love. I am a person that appreciate a small things.I an a frustrated talented person. Frustrated because i do believe that i cant spread my wings and show my talents in times during i saw other person who can do also things that i can do, it has something to do with insecurity,i feel that that i can accomplished and succeed all things that ive wanted to happen. It has something to da with my anbition. Maybe that's the reason why it is difficult to me when i failed my expectation to do a task. I don't want to fail to hurt my feelings and ego. I wanted that all are perfect,but i didnt admit it to my self that im a quite perfectionist.I think that there are lots of person that are the factors affect in achieving the goals in my life. Theese were the person who teach me to plant hatred, and i think this hatred will arrouse me to be a succesfull one individual to show them all that i can be the best that i can be, in all fields. Maybe that will be the time i will feel a huge hapiness! A COMPLETE JONATHAN ORBUDA, NOT ONLY IN PHYSICAL CONFIGURATION BUT A WHOLE BEING!

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