Thursday, January 10, 2008


BSBA students

university of rizal system has two umbrella,it composed of two colleges.The college of business and commerce (CBC) and college of information and management (CITM).Under the umbrella of citm courses are computer science and technology (CST) and Bachelor of science in information and management (BSIM).While under cbc courses are Bachelor of sciencd in office administration (BSOA). Bachelor of science in accounting(BSA),The last one is Bachelor of science in business administration(BSBA). in BSBA, there are four major namely,ECONOMICS, BANKING AND FINACE, MIT, AND MANAGEMENT. During freshy year and sophie, we dont have major yet that time. And that was my course BSBA.

BSBA is the most populated course in U.R.S.B. Base on my observation 90% of the students in U.R.S.B. Taking up BSBA. I have lot of classmates and i ask them why they took that course and they answered they didnt know the reason why. Some answer,unconsciously they wrote the course in the form when they took for the intrance exam. And they didnt able to change it. And i also admit even me as of now im in the crises to divide weither i will continue BSBA or i will going to shift into another courses. But one thing i will assure in BSBA, I Found out happiness and espicially the tuition fee quitly cheaper than the other courses. As long as i can finish BSBA , it doesnt matter someday my job will not fit my course. SA HIRAP BA NAMAN NG BUHAY NA TO! PIPILI KA BA NAMAN NG MAMAHALIN!