Tuesday, January 22, 2008



READ MORE:My first impression when i meet maam Floricel Ulat is a strict woman. Math 26,tuesday,that was the first meeting of math 26,in second sem of first year level. She was intering the room,everybody was on silence and staring at ms. Ulat. I really thought if who she was? She was on her eyeglasses,wearing a URSB faculty uniform and she started to introduced her self.
She was Floricel Ulat BS math, and from Sampaloc Manilla. Look how far she travel just to get here in URSB campus. Imagine she was able to travel everyday from manilla to rizal. And guess what? Her class starts at 7:00 am in morning and that is BSBA 1-1 which i belong. That is the reason why that she didnt like a students that are late because her philosophy " IF SHE'S FROM MANILLA AND HE ARRIVE EARLY,HOW COME THE STUDENTS THAT THEIR HOUSE ARE WALKING DISTANCE YET THEY ARE LATE". She said that she didnt able to eat breakfast as long as he arrived early in the university because she dont want that her salary will be deducted. She strike a joke that "she use to drink beer and not coffee before traveling".
Maam Ulat is very nice and good teacher, not only a teacher but more than that! She is the one who teach me in time of difficulties in MATH OF INVESTMENT. She told me that last year, year school year 2006 to 2007 she was incharge in supply office. Kung naabotan ko raw sana siya.Sometimes she give me a task to check the test paper of my classmates.
Thanks to you maam! And this might be the only way to give thanks on you. To have a space in my post and inform the world how good instructress you are? I hate math but this math 26 is easy to me, and i didn't found any difficulty because you done it very well!I wish you will find your true love. And forlife you will be happy! Someday if we meet,im already a successful one!