Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We the varsity dance sports are wondering that we were not recognized by the school ...........
wondering that we were not recognized by the school yet the adviser. We are seeking for the action and answer.
This is my short story, the ursb were conducting a tryout for those who are interested to become a varsity in the field of ballroom specially in CLASSIC STANDARD AND LATIN AMERICAN, so me, myself as will as my partner were used to attend that the said try out, and we passed, we used to practice every now and then, we used to search in the net, just to look for the lifting of the said dance routine, and we are really happy during that time because we perfectly combined the routine of tango, waltz, jive, foxtrot, and madam @#@#@#@Myself and my partner because we are going to compete, but they said later on that we are not going to compete because the dance sport team have no fund to produce a glamorous costume for the team, I answered that its ok to me that, even we produced our own needs for as long as we compete,
The frustration is very difficult to heal. My partner and I, had a background of ballroom dancing, me myself used to compete in SHALL WE DANCE (its ur time to shine) that was Feb. of this year and aired TV abc 5 that was march and im one of the 35 finalist, I don’t think so that we were going to lose his dance be cause we have the huge asset that stimulates the confidence to perform the dance floor! If you don’t mind,
If you remember during the presconvo in angono, there was a question that stated in a paper that asks the versatility of a dancer now! That ursb dancer preferred to dance the modern, and the press said that we also consider to the classic dance.
For me we I e mail my sentiments because of one reason that being a THE PILLARS columnist can understand, this is my question to you being a writer, WHAT DO YOU FEEL IF YOUR WRITE UP IS GOOD ENOUGH AND ITS NOT ABLE TO PUBLISHED, that’s what I mean! It has something to do between GLORY OF BLISS AND FRUSTTRATION
We are not begging for the scholarship or anything that needs excessive money, yet we wont to dance under the banner of this school and bring the name of school high in the field of dancing, we want to earn respect to the other school, and we want to prove that ursb can produce a good ballroom dancer. We have the passion to dance! And one thing I wonder is that where is the athletic fund goes, evaporate????
I’m not asking you to pubished this sentiments! Yet it could contribute you as a write!!!!! Thank you the pillar and more power!!!!! Anyway I love the column bout the basketball goal!!!!!!!!! Congrats it work