Thursday, January 10, 2008


I posed in a mini-mag. You know what thats my favorite get up when i was 17 years of age! A rocker get up, i dont know,i really dont know how come i liked being a rakista get up,yet i dont even love rock music. Thoose black colors, it was popularized by chemical romance,and our local band like HALE,and etc.
There are also severals or much better i say that, LOTS of thoose trying hard to become a rocker. They are about to wear black colors, yet they look like a goth not a rocker,or they look like a cult. And sometimes if thoose rocker-wannabee wears they look like a beggar in a street because they are black complexion and then they use to wear black, they look like beggar not taking a bath with in one year
Thats the reason why i stopped being and aficionado of rocker including outfits. I told to my self that its not the outfit who brings you up, its you who brings your self wether if your comfortable or felt anxiety to yous get up. Not like thoose wears lot of chain in the body and the only missing is a padluck to consider as a door! Im not offinsing anybody. Im just telling my perception becuase i also experiences thoose things that being aficionado of rocker without noticed that i looked like a rocker wannabee

jonathan orbuda write: