Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"as long as there are people who believed in my ability, i wont pity my self"

Have you seen Ariel walking along the 2ND floor annex building????
What about seeing him dancing vigorously in a certain program in URSB?
Who is Ariel then?

ARIEL SAMBO, a 19 year old BSBA student settling at room 201 annex who inspiring fought life's circumstances with his skimpy figure. he is The youngest among 4 offspring of Mr. Armando and Mrs. Nelia sambo from rotary vile darangan,binangonan rizal,
sambo, as what his friends usually call him, was born without bare hands and feet.According to him, his mother aws about to die when he was inside her due to leukemia and meningitis. Unconsciously with her due to leukemia and pregnancy,Mrs smbo inclusive his hands and feet
despite of these physical frailties, he managed to enter the URSB dance trouped and performed in several program held in the campus.his moves catches the eye of the crowd, i wonder if his body was normal like everyone else maybe he could be a better dancer than ever. like wise he is fond of text and can re pair several electronics appliances like electric fan and TV,
Ariel immense love to his parents who scarified for him pushed him forward in attaining his dream- finished his study, find a permanent job and help his family boost,s their life s standing. having been accepted by his friends , reaching college life and being a live and well is a splendid accomplishment for him.
i asked him if he were not intimidated or pitied himself for he was born with that kind of physics. He answered in tagalog" as long as there people who believe in my talent i wont pity my self,
he blames god for what happened to him cos he believes that having given a chance to live in this world is a gift of god
he is my group mate in in the dance troupe that's why i really admired him,