Thursday, January 24, 2008


as we all noticed, proffesors in nature are very strict and serious in their job,watch thier other side of being a mentors
The other side of URSB mentors!
Strict,freak,not approachable, lion, those were the impression of us students towards our proffesors, and thats the iage portrayed all the coledge proff. In any Universities in the whole phil., thas the image youve seen.
For one year of stay in this UNIVERSITY OF RIZAL SYSTEM, in my freshy year. I had lots of coledge instructor that i knew at all. Now my perception of those characteristics portrayed by lots of instructor had been changed. Especially when i know them.. When i become a working students in this university. I have also lots of knowledge about tiger hidden side and distinct manners. As well as them. They are also friendly. Naughty.. Talkative, loving mayabang and mostly they had hidden personality that only knows there selves
all i can say , i am happy that im a part of this university campus and having a proffesor,more than a mentors but a good friends. They are not like what we thinked about them. They are also human. Like us students. But i can change the philosophy that goes this way " FIRST IMPRESSION LAST." All you have to do students are to know them personaly not an instructor but more than that. . . . . . .