Thursday, January 31, 2008

IF I HAD A.........

Mrs Shelanie Dacumos told that we are going to write a poem for the english 2 literature class that was a project,we are going to express what we feel towards everything by means of poetry!

IF I HAD A..........

If i had a choice, to choose what to rent.
I will rent thoose perfect parents.
In case, if i don't enjoy the company of them.
Its easy to abandon and rent another, again and again.

If i had an oppurtunity to become "one day millionaire!
Ill spend the money nd nobody must care.
To utils and satisfy my attitude of blutony and vanity.
Ill buy all things that makes me happy.

If i had a chance to become a writter.
I will write my new life story.
For me, to be able to choose what is better.
And illimanate thoose difficulties and penury.

If i had a vichecle to travel my past.
I will erase and change thoose failure i had
so that when my future come
i will not suffer the regretion that make me feel bad.

If i had a break to become an actor.
That pretend there feeling on there outside.
They are sad but they show hapiness outside.
That make them the best actor