Monday, January 18, 2010

Scandalous Feign: Condone or Condemn?

“Kung anong tugtog, siya din bang sayaw?”

Various Scandals are widely assumed to be tales of individual breach, serving as reminders of the normative life order. But being the youth of generation X, how can we avoid perversion act?

Did we consider the norms of ethic in our society upon engaging scandals? What are factors influencing our youth to engage an immoral operation that currently, it is not discreet anymore?
Filipinos are largely known as timid, conservative and held high standard of Godly pattern. But after observing current scandalous stories happened, now that’s definitely a “Paradox of Conservatory”.
The disturbed society’s mind, must by now, design a whole demand for a copy of the sex video involving showbiz celebrities through internet download and sharing and even pirate VCDs by “get-rich-pick” street peddlers self- righteousness officials even think that brakes should be applied to this emerging socio-technological malaise that inflicts moral injury to women more than men. Pseudo moral metricans would even allow people to throw stigma to the persons involved in the sex scandal.
Furthermore, today’s youth are still tolerating and simultaneously engaged in this defamatory activity. The predicament is who induce them to do so? Is it possible that they were just following the pattern of highly profiled persons in different sectors who are models, yet who did also this scandalous feigned? Drawing on extensive news documents, I learned four stories. Each is revolving around the same sexual behavior but each playing out in a different institutional environment: televangelist Jimmy Swaggarts encounter with prostitute Debra Murphree (1988), actor Hugh Grant encounter with prostitute Divine Brown (1995), Presidential Advisor Rick Morris encounter with prostitute Sherry Rowlands (1996). These three stories focus hypocrisy, recklessness, immorality and disloyalty.
Meanwhile, this fourth story focuses on fame or should I say defame. Who did not know the ultimate Hayden-Kho scandal? It really shocked the entire configuration of the country. It involved different women. But what captured my interest is the woman with the angelic face “Maricar Reyes”. She is now a Star Magic talent, a commercial model and she also appeared in ABS-CBN’s teleserye. Her video scandal is clearest, closest and hottest shot of all. Instead of moral depravity clause toward her career yet looked what happened to her. She is now the new top face in the television. In this scenario, is it possible that youth will follow Maricar’s pattern just to earn fame prior to the word “norms”.
More so, who told you that our University is excluded in this issue? It’s a big no! No! Even a private individual who are not belong in a socially-inclined society doesn’t had an exception to be victimized scandalous feign.

Based on my interview, a certain part timer instructress was also a victim on this unjust activity. “Bago pa lang ako dito sa nilapitan kong apartment at meron ng pilit sumisira sa akin.” She confessed to me. She told me that, she has his close male friend who asks her to teached some computer program. This man always went to her house for the said tutor sessions. Unconsciously, they were misunderstood by the eyes surrounds them. “Ginawan ako ng aacount sa friendster at nagsasabi na may karelasyon daw akong estudyanteng bata na nagpupunta dito”, she added. Obviously, the suspect who is responsible in such malicious defamatory act maybe can be found only at their neighborhood because how come he noticed that there’s a young man who always went for the tutor sessions.” She stressed out. “Di ko na lang pinapansin ang kasiraan an yun, wala naman akong ginagawang masama. Ba’t pa ako gagawa ng account sa friendster para lang sirain ang sarili ko.” She ended up with confident statement.
Indeed, I also interviewed this third year student who also suffered from viciousness of sex scandal video.
“Ang boyfriend ko ang may kagagawan niyan.” Those were only words she mentioned.
I discovered her story when I incidentally browse he name in a social networking site. I was shock when I saw that she had a multiple identity in that social networking site. She told me that her ex-boyfriend was the responsible of doing multiple accounts in social networking. I started to browse those accounts; obviously, I browse first the one with a sexy primary photo. I found out in her profile, different nude pictures and videos embedded from you tube. It made me asked, “Is that for real?” But I admired this woman, despite of thus video scandal and pictures she still survives with optimistic intelligent mindset. The worst thing is we use it as an avenue to entertainment consumption. Enumerable media practitioners used this issue to earn. Even street peddlers benefit a lot upon selling in the market. But what about the negative effects of the mind set of our youth? If we still tolerate this, we can compare our system of uniformity to the Barbarians.FRIENDSTER PROFILE

If the videos are voluntarily made of two consensual individuals intended for public viewing, then that’s the time we can consider it as pornography. But when it is publicized without the awareness of any of the both parties, then that’s very alarming scandal. A scandal that can ruin dignity or in contrary, it boast popularity.
Nowadays, we cannot predict the mentality of the mob towards morality. We cannot even determine the youth’s righteous.

The solemnity of the Filipino values is forgotten.

“Kung anong tugtog, siya din bang sayaw?”

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