Wednesday, February 6, 2008

YEAR 1993 TO 1994

YEAR 1993 TO 1994
Because of many rumors i heard,they started to admit and explained little by little. That i am only there grandchild. When i heared thoose words,i cried,and even until now when i remember it. Im about to cry! Now i know, thoose time DADA GINA,there youngest daughter,my auntie.Got jealous me and she is mad to me and she said that i am not a son,and we are not sister and brother yet i came from the trash can.But now it is somehow clear in my mind although the whole scenario is blard,how come it happen! There is a fact basis thoose rumors i heared
During that time, i felt incomplete. I feel like a bottle,an empty bottle, im am now a kinder gartin,this time. I remembered during writing,i wrote RITA ORBUDA as a mother and ROMAN ORBUDA AS father. Yet behind that is a lie,that my grandparents can't deny it anymore. They are supposed to be my grandparents not a biological parents. But then they still explained and comfort me.
During this age of mine. I started to study in kinder garten. I still remember thoose things that im playing and enjoying the life of a child. Thoose times when i cried when someone bully me. Thoose time when i asked MAAM CARLING To assist me when i going to the COMFORT ROOM!