Wednesday, February 6, 2008

YEAR 1988 TO 1989


(one year old)
Within one year. My beloved grandparents norture me a lot.More than a real mother can. They take care of me as well as my aunties because, im the first grand child,and they cönsidered me as a son,because my grand parents didnt had a son!
With in one year,we dont have a news towards my mother. She promised to send money for milk but she wasnt had any letter! She broke her promise not only me,as well as to my grandparents!
According to my lola rita, after 1 month of leaving my mother.They really thinked where did they look for milk. My grandparents also dont have a capicity level to subsidies milk.
One way to norture me is to undergo breast feeding to the other norturing mother's breast. And that breastmilk came from my relatives who was also a nurturing woman that time. She is my ATE nene bastasa. My grand parents did all ways in order for me to survive. They feed e a soup from a rice,instead of infant food,I took a honey,instead of infant suplements. They always go to the municipal health center to checked up me every now and then. Luckily the municipal health center had a program,giving a free vitamins and vaccine for anti sicknesses and deseases