Wednesday, February 6, 2008

YEAR 1991 TO 1992

YEAR 1991 TO 1992
My grand father used to work in the municipal hall as a utility. My four aunties had also there studies. The only person in the house left is my grandmother rita because she is a fulltime housewife yet,she also joined in harvesting rice to thoose who own price plantation in exchange of gatang of rise.
I still remember when i was this age of 5, my grandma bring me to the rice fields because nobody is in the house. I really appriciate the effort of my grandma. She really cares me and simultaneusly she join harvisting rise. She put a sack on the side of the ricefields.She leave me there while she is harvesting rice not so far to me.At the side of me is a small car toy. My baon for lunch and bisquits. There is also a radio transistor beside me, im listening while playing toy.After the whole day end,my grandma wash me first after sleeping