Wednesday, February 6, 2008

JUNE 1994


my grade one life

I was enrolled in elementary level at SAN ISIDRO CENTRAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL,IN BOHOL. I belong in section JACINTO , there were only two sections namely section jacinto and section dagohoy. The teacher of section jacinto which ive belong was mrs. Cecilia asoy and the other section is maam reboldad.

Mrs. Asoy is a good teacher, i remember during maam told me to sell her iced candy.Maam asoy had a sideline of selling iced candy to her students also.And luckily or should i say badly.. I was the one who assigned to sell because she trust me at all. I remember how maam asoy the she teach,i still remember that i had friends like adonis astronomo, llyndel llagas, niño cavite AND juliefhel bahulay, thoose stupidity influence by friends.Niño told me that she has power to elevate and fly!Because according to him,he is the son of god. Niño is older than me and to the other friends. He said that if i want to have a power we will become his slave first. So being an idiot that time, i become a slave,including adonis,and llyndel. If niño told us to eat chili then we follow. We go to there house just to eat the baon of mine, NINO is the one who eat my food. Until my mama rita discover. My grand ma get mad and confront face to face to the grandama also of NIÑO. IF i REMEMBER thoose memories when i was in grade one, i laugh by my self.

JULIFHELL BAHULAY, is one of the most intellgent student, somehow he is also my rival in grade ranking.

ADONIS ASTRONO, Among of my friends,he is the most lucky son! He is only son! All he wants he can get! He had a almost had perfect family! Among the grade one male students he is the most hondsome, and popular, at his young age he was already a playboy,and he is also a slave of NIÑO,

LYNDEL LLAGAS, is just a ordinary friend.

Aside from that i have also classmates like ROSEMARIE BASTASA,HOLIFERNES BAHULAY, JOYCE BAGSAC, MIRAZOL GUMANUID, they are my friends

ROSEMARIE BASTASA, is my cousin, we are very close at all,her mother is the one who breastfeed me when i was infant. She is also my rival in ranking!

Mirazol gumanuid and holifernes bahulay are the kind of girls which are very attractive to the boys, Mirazol GUMANUID IS A LOVE TEAM OF ADONIS ASTRONOMO,they are perfect combination that time. Holifernes is for niño.

I enjoy my grade 1 stage. Until the vacation came! And i got an award of 1st honor,we are tie of rosemarie BASTASA