Wednesday, February 6, 2008


during this day i suffer from my asthma. So i asked my stepsister RUFFA FLORIDA to go with me to the reflexologist. I will going to have a massage so that i can breath easily. So we went to the albularyo at tayuman. After the massage i felt very well, i felt hungry and i asked my sister what if, we go to the mall even though we are not prepared yet its just like we go there and enjoy, we dont need to spend money at all. All we have to do is standby there, it was also a bonding moment between i and my halfsister. My sister agree and we ride jeep and go!

When we arrived at sm tay tay. We use to ate at the food court and walking around, we are doing a window of shopping. Afterwards i sat on the bench while my sister are busy looking for dresses. I use to sat for a while because i felt difficulties in breathing. While im setting i noticd every person walking and i thinked about them if why they are in mall. So i start thinking and my mind create some perception that can be considered as a fact not only an opinion.

There,s a belief that one kind of personality that can be created when you inter into the mall like for example in sm tay tay. No other than, it is the personality of being a SHOPPER.We were like made just to shop and shop in every mall. On the other hand, its the fact. The mall was designed just to consume of various fastfood, groceries, bookstore, cinema house,computer shops atbp. On the other side, not only being a buyer, we portrayed if we inter inside the mall.

Bearing also,during we intered the malls are thoose various identity. Thoose are we been buyed and choosen already before we went inside the mall. The preferences weve been choosed are signs of our affiliation in variety of subculture that give signals of different beliefs and perceptions. One of this perception are thoose capable shoppers. There are lots of subculture including the mall,s space.

Its hard to summarize the subculture.'s group. Most of them are not belongs in only one groups. We can categorize them groups according to thier age, sexuality,region and race.

Style is the one that lead to the group differently. The way they dress up, the way on how they use on the space of the mall like on how they walk and standing by,the way they treat each other, the x factor of the other groups are considered the distinctive, funny. In each group at the similarity of the subculture groups.

The first category was based on the age of the person and the teenagers. Inside the mall, not only one group can be found inside. We have the hip hop groups that wears realm loose and large pants as well as thier T SHIRTS, the make up of the girls are too dark,wearing a huge round earings, and bald haircut for the boys. There is also a funk and rocker, and we thought they are headbangers

The hip hop was based on the tradition of african american. It was popular during 90s especially the influence of the designers labels of the get ups in the line of fashion world. Thoose primary branded name from hillfiger to CALVIEN KLIEN., from jeans to boxers were based on hip hop. While the funk was originated from england. 70'S century when we noticed the first alternative groups. Thoose are wearing black, leather jackets, theses a tattoo, slash and varities of hairs dye colors and they like piercing. While the rocker also are based on the american heavy metal. The rockstar was the the one who inspired of being a long hair, wearing, t shirts and fitted jeans and had a tattoo also.

In the category of sexuality, womens and gays are the two who brings the form of this subculture. The girl subculture are portraying the devotion of the ideal young adult. They look like a young girl with thier looks. They wears mini-skirt,fitted upper garments that look likes about to collapsed in any time. They want helo kitty logo. They are mostly found in the fashion botiques. The other one are working girls including the laborer to the lower white collar jobs. They were the groups of factory workers, janitress,secretary,receptionist and sales girl. They have almost the same dresses and the same of uniform in a simple way.
There are also lots of variety of gays subculture in the mall. There are closed of shall we say discreet gays who worked in the nearby high rise buildings. There are also beauty workers from the world of fashion of hairstyling and make up. They had also unique ways of using the space of the malls. It might be their places for them to pick up call boys or date partner.It might be the place for them to be a model while they walk in the long catwalk of the mall.

About the category of the kinds. We have the YUPPIES AND EXECUTIVES.They are the one who only use the term "power" to ditermine thier stand on thier lifestyle:power dressing,power -lunch,power meeting,power tripping. The first group is quitly younger while the other group is older in a little. We can found them in the restaurant, that was the place were they had lunch out from thier offices. They did not wear nicktie any more but still they are in thier long sleeves, slacks, and leather shoes. Handling thier cellphones,pager and most of the time they forgot to mute before they go inside in the movie house.

On the other group, are the funny groups or mostly they are wierd. They are the aficionado of culturate and literate. They are fanatic in cultural activities inside the malls:book launching,painting,exhibit, curio shops,local crafts fairs. But they were limited in capital economy,yet they had intelectual and cultural capital. Their opinion is strong even though their surname is not so familiar.They are also the locomotive of fieldremage of annual book fair. They were excited in semi annual sale of the national bookstore.

In the category of religion and race, we can also found them in the wierd and funny places in malls. They are together in a jeep or a bus. They are the tourist,consultant,airplane and foriegners international and thoose came from provinces.They were making a pose beside the mascot of jollibee .They werd like a first timer in the malls.

In my whole day in the mall together with my halfsister. I have almost relax that day while im suffering from asthma on this day. I enjoy watching every person in the mall and critisize them. The whole day and we decide to go home it is almost late at night. When we arrived at home we were so tired and got into bed!