Wednesday, February 6, 2008

YEAR 1992 TO 1993

YEAR 1992 TO 1993
(Im about 5 to 6 yrs old)
during this years,no doubt if more questions came out in my mind.When my grandfather go to work,he brings. Maybe i am the one who make him feel happy. One thing i remember i always play at his office table with lots of bond paper and ballpen. I enjoy it very much. Most of my grandfather's worker get me and brings me to thier offices, they give me toys and foods.
I remembered one co worker of my grandpa,his name is ANIANO...,He asked"is this the son of BONIFACIA, this kid is almost grow up." That time at my early age i started to ask since i heared thoose word FROM ANIANO, I asked my papa if who am i?If what that man talked about,suppose to be my mother is mama rita. The more i asked , the more they denie!