Tuesday, March 11, 2008

sentiments towards his college tour



Here we go again; the students are busy mingling their classmates about their sentiments towards the college tour payments. The amounts P650.oo are very popular topic for the students on how they will go to pay with it. Even myself also thinking on how to pay it, did my allowance of being a student assistant is enough? Do I have to prioritize the tour or do I need to pay first my balance of my tuition fee? Those were the questions distort my mind, during that time, before the payments.
The Homiletics administration of school were imposing the college tour for the seek of the knowledge for the students. These were the place we used to visit: GSIS MUSEUM, the museum where you can view the PERSIAN LIFE PAINTING of Amorsolo. It cost 46million pesos; I really wondered how come that the price of those paintings was so expensive even if it is not so awesome at all. To tell you frankly Im not an aficionado of paintings ever since but I already heard that paintings.
In central bank museum the only thing I really admired is the ancient jewelry because I love jewelry .they have also lots of paintings and art work that even my classmates didn’t understand what’s the inner meaning because we didn’t able to read the information posted . We only have a short time to spend.
`MALL OF ASIA which I already visited many times, we spend a lots of time for almost three hours. A time wasting experience,while walking around the establishments which you didn’t even get knowledge. And we spend our lunch for almost three hours and there you go!!!!!! The students are satisfied on that kind of experience in MALL OF ASIA.
LASTLY the highlights of the said tour, the STAR CITY amusements park!!!!!!! Which they consider it as a finale, and we ride, and enjoy. If Im going to describe it. It would be beyond description in the since that I can feel the enjoyments because im still thinking my tuition fee.
Over all the day past and we go home. Now lets analyzed is it worth it for the knowledge you’ve gained on the said tour or is it worth because you are exempted of the project and punishments and you got additional points to your subject from your professor. if ever you were not able to attend the tour . Let me leave you a message we joined the tour because of the amount of knowledge we learned and not the face value of 650 was wasted.

Jonathan D. Orbuda
Bsba 11