Thursday, March 13, 2008


ITS ME, and my girl

When i was young, i remembered thoose times during sunday in province of BOHOL. Its early in the morning, my both grand parents are already awake, the prepared the breakfast, afterwards all of us will go to the river to take a bath. Its sunday and we have to get ready to attend the mass. My grand ma is very religious woman. As well as my grand pa. They raised me with good manner and right conduct in the name of GOD. They teach me how to be a religious one. My grand ma is one of the members of catholic women league, st.joseph, sacred heart of jesus devotee and they are couple for christ fellowship members. So every now and then during thier meeting, i am always there beside them,following them as well. We attend mass at the ST. ISIDORE PARISH,San Isidro Bohol. Eversince when i was in day care center until i reach high school. Im also a religious one.

Until when i was in fourth year high school.I really wanted to become a priest. Until there are simenarians who recruit in every school,who incourage me to get inside when i graduated! So i take the exam and i passed,but unluckily i don't have enough financial capacity to subsidies my course.So i searched for any philantropist who are willing to help me as a sponsors but i didn't find at all until i quite, i surrender my ambition to serve GOD. I just look at to the brighter side,that maybe this is not the real call of God to serve Him.

I remembered thoose time when my first communion is coming! I was grade one that time. Im so excited to do that sacrament. How is that fee? Im nervous during that time, "i can now do the same like the adult did during mass. They were eating thoose white rounded thing.And now this will be the time i can experieance that kind of practice!"i told it to myself.

Until now i reach 20. I admit, that its beeo a while or i go to church often only. When i left in BOHOL to transfer here in maynilla. Its very often, when i go to church. But i assure that every time i'll visit to the church, the quality time i spend to GOD is worth and enough to cover the sundays i failed to attend the mass. The important is you spend quality time to GOD and even if i was not able to go to church perfectly. "JESUS will stay here in my heart and no one can delete it."

Now , im here in BINANGONAN,RIZAL, i use to go in sta. Urzula parish, at binangonan,i also visited NAZARENO in QUIAPO many times