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One week before the camping was held in sacramento adventure park,SITIO LANAI, BRGY ALDEA, tanay,rizal. We were already awared and prepared for the said event because our training staff SIR. SANTIAGO,CRISTIAN P. told us "Guys! We have a camping, we are going to soar at SACRAMENTO ADVENTURE PARK,SITIO LANAI, BRGY ALDEA,TANAY RIZAL i already told you guys eversince to prepare 150 pesos for the registration" sir SANTIAGO said. "But SIR! its almost one mönth when you told us to prepare and we thought that the said camping were postpone and besides, the money that we had from christmas, we almost spend at all," complained of the cadets and some cadet second the motion towards the comments of the other one! "GUYS! It was not my fault at all,we already had 11 trainings and 4 mores to go. When we get in to it, i will consider the camping as a 3 trainings, so 1 more to go, and then you will graduate in BASIC ROTC training." sir santiago answered. "GUYS! Another news! for now you have to prepared 300 pesos because as far as i knew, there was a conflict of entrance fee.We are more 50 cadets plus the officers in angono and binangonan, if 50 will going to joined, we only pay for the amount of 150 pesos yet if less than 50 will join, the amount of 250-300 pesos will do! "sir santiago added. The amount of 150 pesos intrance fee is good only for fifty visitors and up, but if lesser than fifty, we have to pay an expensive amount. During that time request for the approval of the camping was stilll under in process and i admit that i pray that the request to the chancellors office will reject because the amount of 300pesos is difficult to find in my case because my biological mother had a hatred towards me will not give me that amount. Why? Its a different story of my life between an illigitimate child and biological mother who had a complicated situation. As well as the sentiments of others were tackled during that time.

"GUYS! Today is saturday, so monday the request of approval is release and im prettysure that it is approve because part of the ROTC corriculum is the practical application, where in, we are going to apply what we have learned from our lesson last semester. Besides guys it is on legal because it is part of ROTC yet we need to invest an amount to be able to learned more." sir santiago explained with a psychological negative washing technique, "YET, im pretty sure guys that you will enjoy this breath taking one in a lifetime experience because we have a swimming after the training and it was already included on your 300 intrance fee"sir santiago strike those words that make the cadets interested to joined when they heared the word swimming as well as my self, those words arouse my interest to joined. " All you have to do guys! Just bring your own lunch because we avoid too much expenses buying foods in sacramento and i had also a plan that we will have a bodle fight lunch" sir santiago closed the meeting.

When i arrived at home, there is only one thing in my mind that i cant forget, the amount of 300 pesos itself. I remember that my half sister had a money on my atm yet she was the one ho held my atm card. I will ask her a money for registration because i already knew its hard to beg my mother for a money.she will going to denie and lie even though she had lots of money. I need to cry blood first before giving money and even a single centavo for my project she didnt give me at all. "Sister ruffa, i really need money amounting 300 pesos," i explained and beg to my half sister. "But big bro, i only have 300 pesos on your atm i almost spend at all, the money, and besides i also need amount 100 pesos for my NSTP TSHIRTS. I can only give you 200 pesos," answered by my halfsister. " But sis, i cant make a credits to my classmates because i have un paid credits to them" i answered. "ok, ill give you the 200 pesos this tuesday." and we both sleep and finished the conversation.

Monday morning, i ask DIXON FRANSISCO an amount of 100 pesos, and he give it to me. I proceed to the DMST office to get the certicicate of waiver because chancellor approved the camping. But i felt happy because i was able to payed the 100 pesos as a down payment. And i send a txt message to my half sister at her school to follow up the 200 yet she didnt replied, all she said was, she will going to give me.

THURSDAY Night didnt slept at home,i text her that i really need the money urgently. She didnt replied my text. FRIDAY morning before i went to school,my halfsister got into my home at 9 am and i really wait her for the seek of 200 pesos. When she arrived i asked her "ruffa! Where is the money?" i asked. My stepsister cannot answered directly " kuya! I lost the money thats why i cant.. .. . . So on and so forth" answered my step sister. I felt bad when i heared thoose words, ill proceed to school bearing a problem,where and how i can get money. I decided to leave the house to avoid quarrel to my sister. I dont knew if she tell me a lie or the fact. Why she need to do this. She make me feel preasured.why she didnt told me at first if she cannot able to give me. I was like an idiot man hoping for nothing and when time come i got nothing. Why she didnt said it since from the start. I might be find way and not to hope for nothing. Those were my sentiments during friday while i still continue to work at school as a S.A. That whole day bearing problem. I asked maam xang if i can do a cash advanced. She told me it will not do. That time really felt self pitty, why i suffer this situation? Why some rich student did not study well in be half of financial stability?Unlike me, everyday is peak season yet i pursue my study? But i need to survive and face this challenge, this might be a handrance,this might be happened for me to be strong someday,! I just look at to the brighter side. Until, there was an idea came in my mind, "what if i will going to credit to maam paz ramos? Its a matter between improper shyness and confident. I will do this for the seek of the camping, for as long as ì can stand on my own. "maam paz can i borrow you money,because it is peak season of mine." i asked maam paz with confident. I pretend to be strong yet i felt i am helpless human and poor rat ever. I am about to cry but i control my emotion because i need to be strong. This was not the school knews about me a crying man. I am strong, as strong as a bamboo, i need to portray hapiness even if im sad. "HOW MUCH? PRICE IT" maam paz answered strongly. When i heared those words. I felt like i have my guardian angel who save me. Maam PAZ is a good friend of mine not only a good mentor, she has a good heart, i can approach her. I asked my self why maam pas is not my mother supposedly not BONIFACIA FLORIDA. Maam can understand my sentimemts unlike my mother that give painful words supposed to be a mother carress. "JUST price it? Because i cant give you high amount" maam paz added. I recieved money that day and now i cant able to pay the balanced payment for the camping. The only problem is my allowance. During that day is a citm day and the school conduct a party until midnight. Maam paz had a business. I help him in her store to sell until midnight. And luckily i didnt expect that she will going to pay me for helping them in selling. I accept the money and i didnt pretend that i dont need. IM thankful that day. I used to survive that day in the name of maam paz. I ate with maam paz ramos. I am thankful to have maam paz!

1:30 am when i got home, my mother didnt even asked me why i came late. Shes not my mother at all. I felt it. I go to bed and set my alarm clock at 5 am. I almost have 3 hours to go rest and then wake up at 5 to prepare the camping. I cant sleep. I feel anxiety because of happenings of mine that whole day.

Trrrrrng! Trrrrng! My celphone alarmed, its already 5 am. Im so tired and still sleepy but i tried to pursue my self to wake up because i need to prepare. When i wake up.. I pray and give thanks to the lord for the new day! A new colorful day, full of challenges and breath taking experiences! In behalf of my worst and painfull experiences, i need to delete my problems for the mean time to enjoy my self. I went to the bathroom and took a bath, the cold water remind me how early i woke up. After drying my self using my towel. I started to prepare my things. I grabbed my black shoulder bag, i put 2 pcs. Of white t shirts, 1 black sando, a black jeans,towel , undewear and some personal belongings. My mother still sleeping, i dont know if shes aware on what i had did,or she pretend still sleeping so that i cant ask her an allowance. When i open the refregerator, nothing is inside, no foods at all for my breakfast and lunch. So i decide to go to school without eating breakfast and without baon for lunch. I felt so down. What if im about to collapsed in the training because i didnt eat foods? What will im going to eat during lunch time? Those were the question in my mind im wearing up my fatigue and combat shoes. I leave the house without saying goodbye to my mother and sister that are still sleeping that time. I leave the gate open ! Bahala sila. I ride jeep going to school where the assembly erea is there. While in the jeep i set my mind to forget my problems for one day only.

I arrived at the school at exactly 5:45 am, i brought my bag of stuffs and belongings,riffle. My ROTC classmates were already there,they are mengling each other. I saw the excitement on there faces,everybody are happy, and i proceed to the ROTC officer sir CEQUEÑA to pay my balanced. When i give the money, theres something reminds me on what happend yesterday. Everybody talked bout how much was there allowance,did they had baon. Some said that they brought and some didnt had.

At exactly 7:30 the officer form the cadets into a platon for the final briefing! "guys! we are bout to leave a few minutes from now. I just want to remind you all guys that the 300 pesos of what youve paid, the transportation is included in 300 pesos." sir santiago told us. " I just want to remind you also guys! That we need to be responsible to avoid accident in the camp site." he added. "GOOD LUCK guys! And i just want to tell you,that you need to show what youve got, in camp site. If rolling, you need to roll,"he stimulates the eagerness of his subordinate. The garizon are psychologically prepared because of the words of wisdom by sir santiago! We are ready, " last word cadets, be aware of your valuable things when we arrived there" reminding those who brought cellphones. The final briefing is very well done. The counting off starts and all in all we are 45 plus including the officers. Two jeeps are waiting and one multi cab own by one of the officer and facilatitor of the said events. The platon divided into two to occupy the two jeeps. While the officers are exclusively in the multicab. The atmosphere is full of excitement. We are only persons in the school and no other students. But the atmosphere is rapidly change into hapiness. When we got inside inside the jeep and relax in sitting down. The music starts to play, at the machine start to on, the wheel starts rolling and obviously we are about to depart. I am taking picture in every single moments.

While we were in the way to TANAY, I felt so tired and sleepy because i was able to slept for only three hours. Do i have enough energy for the whole day. I started to fell hungry until i sleep. WOW! WOW! I heared those words so i woke up, i noticed a resort but only we pass by. We stil continue to the distination, my setmate told me we are in sacramento in a few minutes we are about to arrived.

We exactly arrived at 9:00 am, im sizing up the location. It reminds me my province of BOHOL, it was very similar,yet im still in a new location. Its almost 4 years when i was able to see forest. Large trees, we are in a jungle. Large trees with a large roots embose from the land. The grasses are very innumerable. It was amazing. I notice a building in a center of forest where in there is a table set up and on the other side, i saw some persons cøoking. I think they are the one who facilatate the visitors. I noticed my co-subordinates staring in every attraction of sacramento had, they were also sizing up the situation like me. The ultimate nature of reality at that time, was we need to survive in the middle of the jungle. I captured every angle of the location.

"cadets form" the officers command. We quickly form as a platon. "We have to proceed at the erea 3. according to the facilatator and we wait there for the next instruction." sir PIOPONGCO told us. So we proceed to the erea 3 bringing the riffle and bag.Before we got there we need to walk for few minutes from here. While we were in our way, i noticed a small falls and a small bamboo bridge and we need to cross that bridge before we got at erea 3. When we got there we sat down for a while waiting for the next instruction. The girl wearing a t-shirts that have a facilatator name at the back told to leave the belongings in one erea. And then we follow him. I noticed her that she had a good excution of command,i asked the officer if whos that girl,and sir answered me that girl is also an officer. She divided the platon into four groups. During that time we have also a co-campers from URS ANTIPOLO, they wear NSTP shirts. At first we critisize them because they dont belong here because the are CWTS. Some of them joined the platon of URS BINANGONAN. We were already 4 groups. In each group must have a navagator who hold the compass and responsible to navagate. We must have also a secretary who list the degrees. I am the navagator for the red team and my newly friend is the secrntary. As well as the green team,orange team, blue team had thier own navagator and secretary. The first activity is the treasure hunting.

Treasure hunting is somehow an interesting event of the camp. We were only given 45 minutes to find the 15 stations. In each station had a question to answer,it also indicate a degree of location for the next station. We start at the station 1 as a starting point. At first i dont know how to use the compass but because of the preasure,i was able to learned by means of eagerness. The location of the 2nd station is very hard to find. You need to jump in the falls, cross the river and climb mountains. As a leader of the group i need to dicide. I need to do a timely decision. "We will do this technique guys. all of you look for the other station,you must answer the question and get the degree and remember the location of its station."i command. "i myself, together with my secretary will look the other station." i suggest that we dont need to look the station by numbers or consecutively, its a matter of common sense,as long as can answer those question. "We have to scattered so that we can be productive in that way" i said. " we scattered to avoid time wasting" i added.

So i divide my group into 3 subgroups, the first group will look for the station 1 to 5, the second group will look for the station 6 to 10 and me myself together with my secretary will search for the station 10 to 15. "And when all of you found, just tell me." my last word. The technique is out of law but i need to do for the seek of high grades. I found the station 10 to 12 and also the other found the station 1 to 10 without using compass. The technique is very effective to the group. All we need to do is look for the remaining station, namely the station 13 to 15 but the time is too short, it was running out of time. The experience of treasure hunting activity is very enjoyable,very happy. It has something to do with teamwork yet we violate the rule, i divided my group into three yet my timely decision is effective. It was breathtaking experience where in, it measured your stamina,timely decision technique,leadership and most especially the relation among the team members are build closely. All members help for the seek of grade, unluckily we were not able to find the remaining station because time was already up. The remaining experiences and jumping to the high stones,crossing the rivers are some breathtaking experience and sometimes you need to sabotage the other group because that was part of the event. You have to point them into wrong direction. Everybody were on sweat and im proud of my group. I remember that i forgot to captured the moment because of preasure and time scarcity. We rest for a while and we need to earn energy to spend later on. While resting someone stand up and entertain by singing infront and striking some punchline just to relieve the tiredness for the meantime. Afterward we need to go to the next stop. The survivability.

Next stop is the area 3 for survivability. We listened for the discussion and watch out for the demonstration on how to survive in a middle of jungle. Survivability is the eagerness to live and willingness to adopt the sorroundings. First we produce our own food in the jungle. All eggs are edible,all crustacean and mullosk are edible,all reptiles and cool blooded are edible,all four legged animals can be eaten,all swim are edible,all foods of monkey can be eaten. They also demonstrate how to produce plate, kettle,spoon and fork,as well as glass, and how to cook rice and root crops using bamboo as a kettle. Those are made from bamboo. In a jungle you need to be resourcefull. When the facilatator demonstrate on how to create fire by means of magnifying glass, stone and hi-tech gadgets. But using bamboo is very advantage than the other one. Example in magnifying glass you cannot create fire during nighttime because you need sun rays,while stone also consumed effort and time to create fire. I was amazed when the demonstrator create fire by means of bamboo in just a few minutes. He started to rub the bamboo and then in a few seconds i saw a smoke created and then he blow and blow and there you go! The fire follows. He also demonstrated how to cook rice and crops inside the bamboo. It was amazing! I already knew that lesson,it was discussed last semester but a huge difference when it is in flesh and actual.

We are almost hungry to the fullest, so the facilitator instruct that we can now start to eat lunch. I dont have food but luckily i was able to eat lunch because in ROTC there is an essence of sharing and helping. Three of my co-cadets gives me lunch, as well as my co buddy gave me. Including my secretary in treasure hunting activity where-in we able to bond friendship during the activity,thats why she offers me to share her lunch. They bought lots of rice and dishes, can goods so its not difficult to ate with them because we are friend. They used the term BURAOT! Because im not the only one had no foods,there were also numerable cadets dont have. After the lunch break, when everybodies already full. We took a rest for 30 minutes, when there was an ice cream vendor passed by,so i bought a piece of popsicle. While eating my popsicle,we were able to took picture together with my co-subordinate.

And then we form as a platon again for the next instruction as usual routine. Next stop is the most fearfull factors part. THE ROPELING. We proceed to the ropeling erea where in we listened the orientation. They orient the proper ropeling technique. Ropeling is use during saving life in emergency. We discussed by the facilatator. And they demontrated the different kinds and position of ropeling. After demonstrating its time to undergo the challenge,to jump the high ropeling jump. When its my turn to jump, i wear head gear but i forgot to wear glabs. Im not afraid of high places and im pretty sure they implement safety first. When jumped,i was not able to execute as good as i expect because its different with out glabs. It was very painful in hands,it was felt like burning! That was my unforgetable experience to jump on a high place. May be i cannot experience it again unless, i will become a rich one to pay for the jump.

This was the view from the top, it was breath taking and unforgetable


How high we need to jump? I dont know the exact measurement but its obvious that it is high at all.

And now, we proceed to the next stop, the obstacle course activity. First we need to lie in the mud, we rolled in the mud before starting the obstacle course. Second, we have to go downstair at the start point where in we need to crawl,on this moment i cant captured picture because we surender our valuable things to sir cequeña to avoid wet those hi-tech gadgets like cellphone. I felt so cold. The mud and water starts to penetrate my underwear. We start to crawl under the bridge where in the water is full of mud because of the first crawler. I crawl and enter the cars wheel as consider as an obstacles,while the water was flowing and we need to fight the waterflow.. I am totally wet because the obstactles are in the river. Next, you have to cross the river using only the rope. And when you are able to cross the river. There are lots of obstacles waiting for you to jump,climb, balance, and measured your stamina. I almost done, very well done.I felt so cold. It was like an every obstacles is my daily problem and handrances that i suffered. I was able to accomplished very well. Its better to face the obstacle course because its easy to undergo that challenge than to face the daily problems that multiply and multiply in time. Illd rather to stay in a jungle with a simple life that all you have to do is to survive and live than to live in urban survival where in it includes lots of problems. After the obstacle course challenge,we took a bath and change the attire for swimming. My belongings became heavy because of wet combat shoes and fatigue and then we climb mountain,a high mountain for us to arrived the next stop. THE RESORT! When we got there we are almost breathless.

When we arrived at the resort,the tiredness was replaced by the enjoyable attractive spots. I was amazed the motives of the resort. It was like in a KATIPUNAN ERA.

The resort was located in the middle of the jungle, it was amazing. The excitement is there. We proceed to the cottage. And we took a shower before swimming but i did not enjoy the swimming. It was very cold, from the obstacle course and then we walk through the mountain,until we arrived the resort, we are wet. Im chilling. I really want to swim but my body really give up.So i decided to change my dress and getting prepared to go home. We only had one hour to enjoy the resort because its almost 5 in the afternoon. And we are about to go home, so i enjoyed roaming around the whole resort and tooking pictures of the beautiful spots than to swim. After the others are prepared to go home, the URS ANTIPOLO AND URS BINANGONAN AND ANGONO are gathered for the final words of wisdom from the very head of THE ROTC. He told that he is proud that we gathered in SACRAMENTO For the said event. And he look forward for the graduation day of rotc in URS MORONG CAMPUS This coming march 16, 2008.

I also look forward to that date. To recieve my certificate at least when time come, i will just look up that cerificate hanging in the wall of my own house while sitting on my rocking chair and remembering those experiences inside the ROTC. I AM PART OF ROTC and ROTC CADETS are very distinct and unique being when it comes to decipline and im proud of it. My dedication and love of this course of taking this rotc is not only in my dream yet in real reality. Im about to graduate . And rotc is a part of history of my life that can i be proud to my incoming offspring someday. To tell them my victory and success beyond sacrifice of ROTC TRAINING. Even if i was not able to finished the advanced training because i quite,but i love rotc. Maybe in the begining you will thought that rotc is difficut, but i am the one who proove that in every difficulties theres a glory of bliss waiting for you.

To sir cristian santiago. I am proud to have you as a mentors of ROTC. Your such a good person even though your portraying a lion image yet i understand towards it. In be half of my co subordinate. Im so thankful. Sir! You are a part of my history, when i look back in my past when time im sitting my rocking chair. I also believe your gots! Your dedication will lead you up! And you are now belong of thoose teachers from my elementary life, high school life who are responsible to build JONATHAN ORBUDA AS A COMPLETE PERSON PSYCHOLOGICALLY, EMOTIONALY AND PHYSICALLY

The demonstration of proper jump from the top!