Monday, March 10, 2008

love has come my way!!!!


by jonathan orbuda

Perfect feeling you had experienced.
That make you complete now and then.
Thinking of that human, you feel different.
And you think that, that was a huge problem.

During bedtime,shes bothering you from sleep.
Even in your paradise dreaming, you want her to achieve.
In early morn,you dont know what to do.
To face that entire day with her, what will you do?

You're in the stage to feel in love.
Go on, to your destiny freely like a dove.
Follow your heart what it says.
Coz love has come your way.

Ignorance of this thing are not are not important.
Just allow your heart to be happy.
Like a cloud always covering the sun.
But behind that,the sun is there day by day.

You are now intering the door.
Where you can see a luminous colos.
Eventhough at the end theres sadness.
At least you proved that " i experienced it!"