Thursday, March 13, 2008


Premarital sex is very common in teenager. I think in the eyesight of GOD it is bad. But theres a philosophy state that "FEAR IS A MOTHER OF MORALITY". So for me it is good coz being myself i had already experience that and i admit that. MEN are polygamous in nature. But in my experienced that was on my teenage year. I dont look up towards what will happen next,what is the consequence. There are also teenagers like me what i did the same.They also practice premarital sex. In my perception it is part of our development being a human even in the sight of others it is wrong!Its a huge hypocrasy when teenager denied it. Its common in our society and im not against toward it. Teenager did this thing are those macrominded human being. Its up to us on how to handle the next event,for as long as you are responsible enough. I do believe that "what comes around,goes around". Being myself i use to practiced those things but i also consider my future. Im not against nor support. It has something to do with responsibility. Maturity is one factor must needed before you execute premarital sex and knowledge. Age doesnt matter, the important is you are capable to manage if what will happen next. Therefore i conclude that those critisizing premarital sex are not open minded and they are pretending to be a conservative. They are not adopting the flow of the society right now!