Sunday, March 9, 2008


Welcome back to school my dear fellow students. In this moment, we are facing again another set challenges and trials in our way to attain a better quality of education. In order to reach out all our visions in life. We must learn to sacrifice and do our tasks as responsible students. But most of the students did not sacrificed for thier future. Striving more. Most of them prefer to go to school. Not to study but just want to escape some household chores, just to have fun with thier clasmates. And as far as i observed. They want to have student image like for example, wearing uniform, bringing catleya notes just portraying that they are student but they didnt study by heart and gain knowledge.
Do you think that they can gain doing those kind of stupidity.Well, i dont think so!
We also consider our parents. How they sacrifice for the seek of our allowance! And i,myself being a student,should make any small invisible good things for our parents and thats a huge matter for them.
The knowledge that we can gain from studying is very indispensable for our future.We include our parents,in any part of our life and future.
And assure you, you dont regret that someday.So we must give value to education and parents for our future lies in our hands.