Friday, May 7, 2010

Facebook Vs. Friendster : Buti nga sayo Friendster

Facebook captured the country by Storm: Will Facebook be like Friendster?

Facebook captured the country by Storm: Will Facebook be like another Friendster?


Facebook has taken the country by storm. In the Philippine new media, Facebook rank as the biggest social network todate. It has overtaken Friendster as the number 1 social site in the country for a long time. But the question is how strong is Facebook and will stand unbeaten for a long time? Will it be just like Friendster?

As critics see it, while Facebook social media tools is perfectly positioned as one of the leading social media site, no permanent victory is at hand and will be guaranteed. They say Facebook’s user base is volatile or temporal. People may one day decide to embark on a mass exodus, causing Facebook to fall like MySpace, Friendster and among others. However there is also chance for competition, and one of these days another new brand of social network will rise just like Facebook and MySpace.

Facebook officially turned Seven years old recently, it has successly surge as the number one networking site in the world surging past Friendster, MySpace, Meebo, etc.

With Facebook marketing on Flowtown and other important sites like Mashable, etc. as its social marketing, Facebook certainly knows how to play the game, and will definitely emerged as the King of Social Networks for a long time.