Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time,Timer, Timiest

            It’s almost four years I exposed myself in an online thingy the so-called “Blogging”. My blog site entitled VOYEUR’S VISION with this tagline “Your one-stop, informative blog: Find the truth… Trust the voice within… Only then will set us free!” got an average of 350 to 600 unique hints and views daily. I enjoyed so much writing in my site because there’s no such border that hinds me to post my opinions on what is happening nowadays. I can able to reach the entire world and let them know what’s on my silicon brain’s perception towards various issues happened.
         Moreover, being an aficionado of blog, it offers me an opportunity to become a part of this publication. I was recognized by the Pillar. At first, I can’t see myself writing opinions, news and become a section head editor because I was assigned as a web designer. But my adviser motivates me to get out on my comfort zone and my co-staffers taught me how to write in the office world.
So much for that, when I reminisced my four years in online writing. I remember that I already acquired four years in this University who nurtured me. This time that The Pillar allotted me a space for my VOYEUR’S VISION OFFLINE. I was assigned to write for a column but then I don’t have any issues to tackle in my OFFLINE BLOG. My adviser told me that it should not be my concern but the topic should be a studentry’s sentiments. So I come up with an issue that everybody were experiencing including myself.
            As far as I concerned, in this University there are two macro-sectors circulates in the operation namely the administration and the students. The existences of those two parties are must in attaining the vision and mission. At the party of the student, we are obliged to follow the policy’s teeth in accordance of what is written on the student’s handbook. At the party of administration, I am not knowledgeable; well it doesn’t concern me anyway. All I know is there are responsible of the school and its student. That’s it!
October 26, 2010. The administration announced an official start of class for the second semester of school year 2010-2011. When I enter at the main gate, I noticed lots of students are on queue in front of the cashier’s office and they are not wearing uniform. As I proceed to the stairway, I noticed another group of students who are ready and excited for their classes. Few hours of waiting at the hallway, I didn’t even felt the ambiance of first day of class. Professors are not there instead of the numbers of students falling in line in front of the registrar’s office rapidly increased as time went by.
           The scenario was really alarming on my part that spends six pesos for my transportation yet my day is unproductive.
           The next day, I spend again same amount for my fare and the situation of yesterday repeat itself. There were still numbers of students who are in front of the registrar’s office. I asked one of the students if why he is a late enrollee. “Kasi kuya wala pa pong sahod ang mga magulang ko. Wrong timing po ang enrollment, hindi po naming napaghandaan”, he answered me.
         When is the right time? Does it follow that the timing of enrollment affects the capability of parents to send their children to school? I asked it to myself while reminiscing how I got enrolled? My stepfather sends me a remittance every first day of the month. But the enrollment was scheduled third week of the said month. I really suffered looking for my tuition fee prior to the date of the enrollment. I decided to borrow money as what my stepfather told me. Fortunately, I am officially enrolled, but, how about the others?
             However, I felt disturbance from within. I can’t get the point of who is responsible of giving the schedule of enrollment and the official date of class opening. First, the scenario of “First day of class, first day of enrollment.” Students tend to enroll late because of the capacity level of paying the tuition fee. Second, the declaring of “first day of class no professor exists (regardless to those who exist). Students tend to go home early and not to come back next day because they thought that enrollment is still going on and there’s no class, so the tendency some of the professors will also leave from the class.”
             Undeniably, majority of the students’ parents in this University are regular wage earner and we also have this “kinsenas/katapusan” nature of compensation. The schedule of enrollment affects the capability of the students to enroll. No wonder the enrollees decrease from 3092 into 2843 from the numbers of the first semester enrollees.
             I knew that the students of URS Binangonan are hungry for education. They rather choose to become late enrollees rather than becoming an out-of-school youth. I understand also the administration why they implement various policies for a purpose of system of uniformity. Why instead declaring the first day of class much better if they gave a grace period for those enrollees because and as I observed, “The first day of school, first day of enrollment issue” made the student’s mind distorted. “May klase ba talaga o enrollment pa din?” Why I say it so, because that’s what happened. There is no class during the opening day yet the enrollment is still going on. I’m not saying do not accept late enrollees instead consider the students capability during that time.
           These are things I learned in URS Binangonan. Time plays a huge role in an operation because in an inventory management it answered the question when is the right time to order? Timer also plays a big role because it avoids delayed in Queuing Process. By the connivance of this two macro sectors I knew we can search the meaning of “Timiest timing.”
          So let’s consider the time, timer and timiest for us to avoid the “First day of class, first day of enrollment predicament” for the better operation of URSB in the future. Hopefully, this is my last year in this University, my last article and my last opinion. But one thing bare on my mind, URS Binangonan is part of configuration of my total life not only to myself but the whole studentry.