Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PNP Binangonan Identifies Motorists’ Danger Zone

Vehicular accident is one of the major causes of death, physical injury and damage of property. Being one of the developing countries, undeniably the number of individuals who are using vehicles increased. It brought us to saturated highways that results into various accidents.
     Binangonan is politically subdivided into 41 barangays. It has 24 mainland barangays and 17 island barangays. It also has 213, 579 population in mainland and 25, 352 in Talim Island according to Census 2007.
     Subsequently, the Philippine National Police Binangonan recorded and reported registered total cases of 225 vehicular accidents or in legal term Reckless Imprudence from January 26 to November 2, 2010. One hundred thirty five (135) of these cases resulted into damage of properties, fifty nine (59) leads into physical injuries; one (1) instance of reckless imprudence resulting to multiple injury; one (1) case that brought to devastating multiple murder in barangay Lunsad; and twenty nine (29) results into damage of property simultaneously physical injuries.
     Binangonan PNP identified the top ten barangays which recorded the most cases of accident. January to November 2010: Calumpang, 37; Pantok, 31; Tagpos, 23; Tayuman, 22; Bilibiran, 19; Darangan, 17; Pag-asa, 16; Mambog, 12; Batingan, 11; and two barangays namely Macamot and Palangoy, 9 vehicular accident cases.
     According to PO1 Erwin Dalisay of Operation PMPC, most of vehicular accidents recorded are two (2) wheels vehicle and most drivers are teenagers.
“Masyado kasing agresibo ang mga kabataan ngayon kaya mas madami ang biktima ng sakuna dahil di nila alam kung saan ang takaw aksidente na lugar,” PO1 Dalisay added.
     From URS Binangonan via highway Macamot, up to Batingan road is risky because motorists tend to increase their speed for the reason that it’s a highway road. Most of the victims suffered from serious physical injury or death on the spot.
On the other part, from URS Binangonan going to Calumpang is also dangerous because it’s a residential area and most of the cases recorded are Reckless Imprudence resulting to damage of property. “Lalo na dyan sa Pantok, iisa lang ang pasahero na bababa traffic na agad”, PO1 Dalisay commented.
The main road of Pag-asa, Tayuman, Tagpos, Palangoy, Pantok and Darangan are the most danger zone because heavy traffic exists specially during rush hours. “Kaya naman sobrang traffic sa kahabaan na ‘yon dahil walang alternative route, kaya gitgitan talaga”, he added. Aside from it, it is a residential area.
     Identifying the danger zone somehow helps commuters and motorists in lessening the number of accidents in town.

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