Monday, March 8, 2010

Vinna Villaluz, Jonathan Orbuda, Erwin Calibo : on proposal defense for their thesis

That was the first time of my Group to face in front of the panelist,

the night before of the defense we practice a mock defense and we finished 11 pm

march 8,2010 vinna villaluz went early in the university to facilitate the venue and to follow up for the equipments needed

erwin calibo is the responsible on buying the foods and token for gratitude

9 am is the start of the event, we really felt nervous yet we are confident that we can make it.

panelist are

mrs shellanie dacumos for english critics
mrs ulat for statistics
mrs gabriel as a chairman

our thesis adviser is mr. aldrin boca

our thesis title is the logistic management in granspan corp calendar year 2010

during the defense mr boca was late thats why we are not aware that the suggestions of the panel are for our good and we thought that they were just distructed for the three of us thats why we really defend our study and we didnt accept any corrections from the panelist.

The paradox of that scenario is we really fight until the end but when mr boca arrived he told us that any suggestion will do. The panelist laugh and that was embarassing moment.

at least we learned

over all we are disappointed because the title was change but the good thing is sir boca told us that our paper became execellent. so we considered that as a positive thing.

maam gabriel gave us 1.8
maam ulat gave us 1.4
maam dacumos gave us 1.6
the mean is 1.6

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