Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Confirmed University of Rizal System Binangonan: From Being a State University to A private One.

That was almost a year past when my University increases 50 percent of tuition fees, i was second year college that time. And good for us because the said increase of tuition fees are effective only for the incoming freshmen and not to the existing students. That time i wondered why University of Rizal System, a state college increases the tuition fees despite of the news that Gloria Macapagal don't allowed any Schools to increase tuition. But then i just ignored it because i am not affected of that predicament. All i knew, i just need to pay 5o pesos for every unit. And the incoming freshmen need to pay 100 pesos per unit. it doesn't concerned me anyway.

This year, while im in conversation of my friend Lauren Balanay. She told me That their proff. in marketing Jeffrey azor told them that URS will become Private university because Government cannot subsidies anymore. And that's the reason why of the increase of the tuition.I was shock and try to convinced my self not to believe.Lauren added " This time URS will have a stockholder". When i heard those words, one thing come up in my mind, URS will become a Profit oriented University. but then it doesn't concerned me anyway. For the second time around i am not affected. Pathetic incoming students.

Yesterday, While inside at the office of the school publication( i am a member), together with my co-Pillar staffs we talked about various issues in the campus. Until we come up talking about the increase of the price of the examination Booklet. I remembered during my freshie year, that certain examination booklet amounting only to 2 pesos. And we noticed every year the amount increases 1 peso until now, the price of the examination booklet is 4 pesos , nothing change to the quality of the paper or even the watermark of the logo.... We knew that in every exam is required to use the booklet but what made us alarmed is in every purchased of the booklet, they asked who is the proff. asked to buy and then they list it on the notebook during the purchasing transaction..... Because of that scenario, students might think that the proff. who required us to buy have a kickback in every single purchased of the booklet.... Ms. irene ondoc added," My proff who is a partimer told them How true is the rumor" while talking, we didnt noticed Mrs. Fabilonia is entering the newsroom and she heard all our sentiments, so miss ondoc dont have a choice to change the topic instead she continued and she asked To maan fabilonia How true is the Rumor... Madam Fabilonia answered "so far i didn't received any kickback from the booklet, that's not true perhaps thats the income generating project of the school to earned revenue because This university will become private and the Government will not support anymore"

So it was confirmed that URS will become private university. Maam fabilonia added, during their time the tuition is only 25 pesos per unit, and then my time 50 per unit, until now 100 per unit, meaning to say that Government responsibility to the school is only 50 percent and the remaining 50% is shoulder by the school.

Now its already clear in my mindset that University of Risal system will turn into private University and not a state University anymore!!