Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Efren Peñaflorida: NOT A CNN HERO BUT A B.I.R. HERO!


BIR or Bureau of internal revenue is one of the Philippines Government agencies who are responsible in taxation. They had the inherent power of a sovereign state or government to impose such charges and burden from person property or right for the primary purpose of raising revenue for public purposes and simultaneously for the corrupt leaders narin!!

When I study the subject of taxation as partial requirement for my Economics course it offers me information why BIR imposed us taxes. As usual answer its intended for government revenue. ASUS!!! Its ok to me yet the issue there is the right allocation hahaha!! San napupunta?

My proff. told me that taxation is proportionate in character. It means that you are charged a tax, it depends on your capability to pay. When you are a magtataho, you are charge the amount the same as the taho. When you you are Lucio Tan, obviously you have to pay high value of tax.

When I watched Bottomline by Boy Abunda, Efren Peñaflorida was his guest . Various questions were thrown to the most famous hero of this current time. But what captured my interest was when Boy Abunda asked him if how Efren allocates the $100, 000 as his prize in CNN. “Dati , we had a plan that 10 percent of the total amount is intended for a church , the 90% for DTC.” He answered. “But now it was changed, CNN send me an email that we need to pay for the tax. So 10% is for the church as the usual plan, 30% is for the tax, the only 60% for DTC” he added. When I heard those statements I can’t believe. “Sayang naman yung 30% na mapupunta sana sa mga bata” Boy Abunda answered.

I agree to BoyAbunda. Supposedly that 30% will benefited for street children. It’s a huge help for DTC. I hope that this 30% will help a lot for the Government expenditures, for protection of local industries, for promotion of equitable distribution of wealth such as hospital and public schools. It helps Stabilized prices of commodities and I hope also that 30% will promote and sustain economic growth because those are the purposes of taxes. I hope that Efren‘s 30 %burden will go to the right allocation because if its not, much better if that 30% will go for DTC.

We can’t do something about it. That is the power of the government and its due process. All I can do is to criticize. Im not against the BIR but BIR cannot remove in the mindset of the Filipino how dirty they are.

EFREN is an example of a clean cloth that saved the dirty one. Efren is not only a CNN hero but BIR hero as well. Efren ! You are aspiring person. I really admired you so much. You gave us the true meaning of a real hero. You made me proud being a Filipino. Your advocacy alarmed the Government that they need to move and made some action to solve this predicament in Philippines society.

NAKAKAPAKINABANG NA NGA SILA NG 30% SAYO. SAMPAL PA SA GOBYERNO TO. TAPOS DI PA SILA AAKSYON. Its embarrassing on the part of the administration , why its still exist yung nga di nakakapag-aral na street children. Wala namang ibang masisisi nito kundi Gobyerno. Its not like Typhoon ondoy that we can blame it ourselves dahil sa kapabayaan sa kalikasan. MARAMING STREET CHILDREN ANG GUSTONG MAG ARAL AT HINDI ANG STREET CHILDREN ANG KAILANGANG MAPATAYO NG PAARALAN KUDI ANG GOBYERNO. ILANG HERO PA AANTAYIN NATIN PARA PUPULA ANG PISNGI NG GOBYERNO SA MGA SAMPAL

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