Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rizalista : Religion or Occultism ( Watch Various Investigative Journalism )

From University of Rizal System Binangonan Project
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

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Isang Araw sa Mga Rizalista
Alex and his groupmates visit this religious group in Calamba, Laguna. Are they a cult or not?

Rizal sa mga mata ng mga Rizalista
University of Caloocan City Marketing
Rizalista, Ang Pagkilatis: A Documentary

Scriptwriter: Patricia Cruz
Cinematography: Stephanie Nakagawa & Redel Bautista
Host: Syril Bobadilla
Editor/Motion Graphics: Redel Bautista
Recording Engineer: Beryl Chan
Researchers: Kat Lacson, Beryl Chan & Genieve Lim
Graphic Artist: Stephanie Nakagawa

From University of Sto. Thomas
"University of Santo Tomas journalism society (2JRN4) batch 2009-2010"

A documentary about the so-called 'rizalistas' who greatly idolized the Philippine's national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. They are group of people who become controversial because of the way they patronized Jose Rizal, some people will say that these groups are cults, as they treated Rizal like a God.
This documentary will show the facts about the 'Rizalista's'. It will answer the question about who is Rizal for them and why did they establish their group? Are they cult or not? and what they really believe in.

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From Case Unclose Show

Jose Rizal's final days

Some historians claim that during the last few days, Rizal retracted all his strong views of corruption and abuse of power by the Spanish friars. If proven true, it can be a basis to question Rizal's status as our National Hero.

There are some that believes that the retraction letter is a hoax and a lie told by the Spanish friars to protect their name.

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May ilang historian na naniniwala na binawi ni Rizal ang mga adhikaing ipinaglaban sa pamamagitan ng pagpirma ng isang kasulatan. Kung totoo ito, dapat umanong pag-isipan kung karapat-dapat bang maging bayani si Rizal.

Pero may ilan ding naninindigan na walang katotohanan ang kasulatan at sinasabi pang imbento lang ito ng mga kastila.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Some Pictures of Rizalista