Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lady Gaga : I'm So Proud of you Maria ( A 10-year old Filipina)

Lady Gaga invites 10-year-old Canadian girl to perform on stage with her (updated)

Gaga on Maria Aragon: 'Can't stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future.'

A 10-year-old Winnipeg girl who's become an instant YouTube star could be gracing the stage with her idol — one of music's biggest stars — come March.
Maria Aragon, just 10 years old, is garnering some attention of Bieber-esque proportions on YouTube with her cover version of the Lady Gaga song Born this Way.
And the Grade 5 student was overcome with emotion as she had a phone conversation with Gaga herself on Friday afternoon as part of an event organized by the Toronto-based radio station 99.9 Virgin Radio.
"Not only do you have such a beautiful voice and you are so joyful to watch, but every once in a while, whether people believe it or not, I have a very bad day," Lady Gaga, reached by phone, told the stunned girl. "I was not having such a good day, and when (entertainment blogger Perez Hilton) sent me the video of you singing Born This Way, I was so overjoyed that I began to cry

The conversation with Gaga came as a total surprise to Aragon, who could hardly believe her luck. "I just want to say I love your music, thank you so much," she gushed.
Virgin Radio has offered to fly Aragon to Toronto to see Lady Gaga's concert in March, but it looks like the young performer might do more than watch.
"Maybe you're just going to have to come on stage with me and sing that song," Lady Gaga said to the ecstatic youngster.
"Do you have anything you want to ask me, darling?" Lady Gaga asked mid-chat, to which the girl replied, "Where do you get your outfits?"
Two days ago, Aragon was performing renditions of pop songs with a smile for an online audience in the low thousands on her sister's YouTube account. But an enthusiastic Twitter message from Lady Gaga — sent to her eight million followers — launched Aragon skyrocketing to international fame on Thursday.
The young Winnipegger was the most viewed video for the day on YouTube, with roughly two million views and counting.
And media attention is also gaining. Since Gaga's fateful Tweet, Aragon has been the subject of hundreds of online articles and blog posts worldwide — even being featured on ET Canada and Access Hollywood, among other outlets.
The student at Winnipeg's Isaac Brock School is a Twitter sensation, with a huge push to get the young performer on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show — spurred on by a supportive message on Twitter from Ellen herself Thursday. She's also garnering widespread interest from new fans in the Philippines and has had interest from at least one record company.
"If you watch anything on the Internet today, it must be THIS!!!" Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton tweeted Thursday, claiming credit for bringing the video to the attention of Lady Gaga.
Aragon had planned to fly to Toronto to perform on Toronto Virgin Radio Friday, but foul weather prevented her from making it. They chatted with her by phone instead.

If you watch anything on the Internet today, it must be THIS!!!
Some one Tweeted this video to GaGa last night - and she loved it!
She Tweeted it to all her little monsters this morning - and they ADORE it!
Even Ellen DeGeneres has seen this and she was just as blown away by little Maria as we were.
Check out arguably one of the most talented kids we have ever laid eyes on (above)! This is Maria, singing her version of Born This Way!

"I was not having such a good day, and when Perez sent me the video of you singing Born This Way, I was so overjoyed that I began to cry," Lady GaGa told Maria Aragon when she called in to Toronto's Virgin Radio Friday.

The little girl's piano-based cover of the song has gone viral, getting over 5.7 million views in just over 48 hours!

Watch the very touching interaction between GaGa and Maria (above)!

Our wifey even invited Aragon to go see her in concert!!!!

So touching!