Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I started blogging since 2008, way back my fresh year at University of Rizal System.
At the beginning, my purpose in blogging is to have an online diary, to have a space wherein I can post my opinions and a space for uploading pictures and videos.

Undeniably, I got addicted in writing when one of my classmates told me that He was able to read my post. I kept on blogging from then.

Until unintentionally, I was able to watch the Mel and Joey Episode that tackles blogging and their guest were Abe Olandres and I forgot the other one. They stated that Online blogging is one way to earn such income. They gave some tips and they also narrated their sacrifices in creating their blog. I started to search in the google since I was curious in monetizing from my blog.

Fortunately, I learned this GOOGLE ADSENSE, I signed up and put the ads on my Blogsite. Until I cant feel the so called earning during that time and I think its impossible. So I stopped putting ads without knowing that I already acquired Revenue from those Ads,

When I opened my ADS account, I accumulated 123 USD. And there you go, I got paid through Western Union Money Transfer.

Moreover, I am now using RSS to enhance my blog. Used perfect themes to attract readers , and maintain posting everyday. I am now currently working and at the same time I blog. It’s an extra income for me, aside from enjoying blogging, I also earned aside from Google ads. I also offer a space for my blog for direct ads from my avid readers who consider my blog as an online market place since my page views reached 12k a day that brought my revenue increase.
Thank you for my avid followers, I knew that I am deserving to become an online icon because imagine, it’s been how many years I keep on blogging. I enjoyed this hobby, and it also brought entertainments to my readers without expecting that I earned from blogging. ( I brought Samsung Corby from my First Earning). I love Google adsense. You Compensated those blogger w/o knowing that it’s a huge help for us and it motivates us to become active blogger even we are busy in our daily work for a living.

More Power Adsense!!!

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