Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh Shit, I Smell BIG Trouble

The country is under fresh censorship attack by Senator Bong Revilla.
I'm sorry, but this man MUST be stopped!

Dear Readers,

Well, I hope you all enjoyed Hayden Kho's sex videos because you're about to pay an ENORMOUS price for these cyber morsels of shock and awe or rather the 'scandal-porn'. And well, if the rumors are true and many other Kho and Co. (Vicky Belo tape) sex tapes exist, then this will only bolster Bongs efforts to push through these CRAZY 'dinosaur' laws. I reckon and believe this entire episode was planned from the start in order to push these 'ARCHAIC' bills through the Senate/Government...leaving the country FUCKED and FUCKED again! Where is the REAL investigation to who ACTUALLY released the videos?

Was it really Hayden who let them free?

The timing of the release is now being questioned as some bang the censorship drums. The echos of artistic oppression are faint but I hear them nonetheless. And it scares me to death.
And they are LOUDER today than yesterday!

The Philippines is about to get fucked over like Katrina did.
Well and truly.
Well and truly screwed.
No lube. No rubber. Get my drift?

Victorina’s resident lawyer, Atty. Trixie Angeles states that “Revilla’s Bill, Senate Bill No. 12 prescribes against the publication, exhibition, sale, distribution, possession of pornographic material. Pornography is over-broadly defined as referring to any representation, through publication, exhibition, cinematography, indecent shows, information technology by whatever means, of a person (whether minor or adult) engaged in real or simulated explicit sexual activities or any other representation of the sexual parts of a person for primarily sexual purpose that is intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feeling (emphasis ours). The law says that even talking about the sexual act is pornography as is any representation of the sexual organs (which could include breasts, by the way).”

Oh man, this Katkho (Katrina Hill and Hayden Kho) sexcapade is turning into a nightmare for your average 'decent' Filipino who may pay the ultimate price for Hayden's MAJOR indiscretion.


Censorship scares the HELL out of me (as it should every person who loves art), especially when we're talking about banning magazines, books, commercials, POETRY and even DRAWINGS.
What about art?
What about your freedom of expression?
What the hell?

The arts community has an even bigger 'ego blown to smithereens' enemy now.
And his name is Senator Bong Revilla!
The Philippines should be scared to death with the thought of going backwards 150 years if Sen Revilla has his way and uses this Hayden Porngate as a catalyst for his type of change.
Backwards moving change. Terrifying.


Please read Victorina Blog (today and everyday). Amiel Aguilar Cabanlig has quite chillingly written about the censorship in question... and it is VERY real and about to cloud the country in a irreversible disaster for every single Filipino.
Filipinos are under fire and the price they will pay will be WORSE than the Marcos regime and their own brand of censorship and martial law against those 'artistic people' who chose to express themselves going 'against the grain'....

How many Filipinos will suffer under these proposed archaic laws?

Well, my mate Ash will have to stop taking his GORGEOUS AMAZING SEXY PROVOCATIVE pictures and this alone blows my mind. And some of my fashion designer friends might have to reel in their visuals and risky campaign advertisements and images.. not to mention hem lines if Bong pushes through!

HOW will they police this anyways?
HOW many billions of pesos would it take to handcuff the scandal prone, sex driven psych of the country?
Will the Philippines become a police state AGAIN?
Will topless sun bathers be arrested?

What a massive mess this is going to turn out to be.
The poor country is just so fucked as long as Bong and his cohorts are around jockeying for the pure Catholic heart and the corrupt mind. And of course these two things are often so intertwined so tightly, that one is left scratching ones head.

I predict an artistic blood bath, and Bong will be holding the head lopping sword!
Lawyers will have a field day and everyone will make tons of money.. from censorship!

Because let's face it...... NOTHING is done in the Philippines without this consideration.
Money and power.
But really.....

It's all about artists and creative people in jail fighting for their creative freedoms and their legal right of expression..
THIS is what we are really talking about.
Hayden became even more famous....Katrina become infamous and the average Filipino loses everything.
Sounds about right to me.

Be very scared.

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